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Apple Holding Media Event Tomorrow to Launch Russian iTunes Music Store?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 3, 2012.

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    TechCrunch reports that Apple is holding a small media event in Moscow tomorrow, presumably to announced the launch of the iTunes Music Store in Russia.
    Apple currently offers music in its iTunes Store in over 60 countries, with the most recent addition having been a group of a dozen Asian countries that received access in June.

    Update 6:27 AM: iPhones.ru shares an image of a 1000-ruble Russian iTunes Stores gift card advertising the ability to download "new music, apps and more".


    Article Link: Apple Holding Media Event Tomorrow to Launch Russian iTunes Music Store?
  2. rusinov, Dec 3, 2012
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    I have a question. For those countries that have the iPhone X(s), but no iTunes Store, does that mean that the can't get anything on it/ no apps. Is it pretty much just the phone then?
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    Nice and all...

    ...but c'mon Apple! When are you gonna roll out iTunes Gift Cards for Latin America. iTunes Store in full will be one year in less than three weeks and your listing prices are still in USD and with no options of iTunes Gift Cards. Sigh! :(
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    There is no store for music/movies/etc, but AppStore is availabe.
    And you can (obviously) load any media content on iPhone, even if it wasn't obtained from iTunes.
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    Do they still have the iTunes app on their computers, but just no iTunes Store?
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    ДААААААААААААААА!!!!!! (Which translates as yeah!!!!!.......)

    Exactly. Sucks doesn't it? Personally I had a US account and was buying US gift cards from ebay but that's slow and you overpay a few buckes for every card. And all the movies are in English of course. But for learning it (as I do) American account is wonderfull. But that's smaller than 0.000001% of all users so doesn't count. It's all gonna change tomorrow.
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    I wonder what Pu$$y Riot thinks of this.
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    What, no '"In Soviet Russia" jokes yet?
  10. kot
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    What's the point of a store which only sells lossy (256kbit AAC) music? Such kind of music isn't worth a dime, it's crippled. It's only good for portables. If only they sold 24 bit 96 KHz ripped from master originals...
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    Pardon my asking, but aren't portables (viz iPod, iPhone and iPad) exactly what the iTunes store is made for?
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    "In Soviet Russia iTunes Store is ripped off by you!"

    How's that? I've never tried to make one before...
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    I hope the event gets streamed live via dash cam.
  15. Guest

    'In Soviet Russia, you collect Apple's information.'
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    In Soviet Russia, iTunes Music Store previews you!

    In Soviet Russia, iTunes Music Store purchases you!

    In Soviet Russia, iTunes listens to you!
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    Mishka, Laika, iTunes Store!

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