Apple Holding New Mac Hardware Updates Until OS X Lion Launches?

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    AppleInsider reports that it has received word that Apple is holding back on releasing updated Mac models in order to wait for work on OS X Lion to be completed. Apple is reportedly "so pumped up" about Lion that it wants to ship the new machines with Lion preinstalled rather than forcing users to upgrade on their own once the new operating system is released next month.
    Thunderbolt-equipped Mac minis and LED Cinema Displays are also said to be on hold as Apple puts the finishing touches on OS X Lion.


    Apple has only announced that OS X Lion will launch in July, declining to share an exact release date so far. The release will be a Mac App Store exclusive, and will be priced at $29.99. Through the Lion Up-to-Date program, users who purchase or have purchased a Mac between June 6th and the official Lion release will receive a free upgrade to Lion.

    Consequently, Apple's desire to hold back on releasing updated Macs is not related to saving customers money on the upgrade but instead seems focused on offering customers the latest and greatest software experience right out of the box and removing any inconvenience associated with upgrading.

    Article Link: Apple Holding New Mac Hardware Updates Until OS X Lion Launches?
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    I wonder if they're doing the same for software (iWork)
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    Come on Apple I'll upgrade my new MBA myself! You're killing me with this wait!
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    I see their point.
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    Despite all of the doom and gloom theories that get posted on these forums, I personally can't wait for Lion.
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    can't wait for the mba!
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    If I buy a MacBook Pro, lets say one week after Lion gets released, Will it ship with Lion, or will it ship with Snow Leopard, and then I have to upgrade to Lion?
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    Apple is all about the user experience and I think many people would be mad if they bought a new machine and then had to upgrade a few weeks later to a new OS.
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    LED Cinema Displays?

    The Cinema Displays need an OS?????
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    I'd rather see a Mac mini upgrade with Thunderbolt, a Core i5/i7 CPU and a dedicated GPU with its own RAM at the cost of removing the optical drive. If you need one, the MacBook Air external drive works fine with the unibody Mac mini.
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    If you buy it from it'll probably ship with Lion. If you buy it from anywhere else, it will come with SL because it will have been packaged some time before the release of Lion.
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    Duh! I'm intentionally holding off on any new Mac hardware til Lion is out.
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    A bit rubbish to force 10.7.0 on to users when Snow Leopards so refined now.
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    good to know - waiting to buy a MBA.
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    It's a fact that any .0 software release, especially Apple's, is going to be full of bugs, so this doesn't sound like a very good idea.
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    No wonder, Apple has no rush and is logical that they want to integrate their latest OS with their latest hardware.
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    I thought the whole point of putting Lion in the app store was so it wasn't an inconvenience?
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    This is madness... They sure know how to make the intensity go up. Lion itself isn't creating high waves, but now that are many people waiting for new Minis and Airs, the release of the new OS combined with new HW is bound to create histeria. :D:apple:
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    So if you buy a machine with Lion installed...does it register as purchasing Lion on your iTunes account?

    Cause if not this is a little lame as with the up-to-date program you would get the upgrade for free which I assume would work on all your machines as it would be like buying it from the Mac App Store.
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    No. Please don't lie.

    Apple is a big conspirator and would even go to the extent of integrating bombs into motherboards just for the sake of killing innocent people. Apple is evil.
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    I wonder if other machines besides the Air will transition to the USB stick for recovery. Alternatively, they could move toward relying on the recovery partition.
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    ack! no new mba for another month
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    Awww. This doesn't include the new Time Capsules too does it? I can't wait any longer :(

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