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Apple / IBM Evidence(?)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by JakeWalker, Nov 18, 2002.

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    Good signs :D
  3. job
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    Thanks for posting the link.

    Nice observation, but I don't think the author knew what the hell he was talking about...
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    Yeah, I'm a bit skeptical too ... but it has to come from somewhere; I mean, they do fact check at the Times ... it's a bit odd... that's for sure...

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    Weren't they thinking of the Gecko PowerPC processor IBM did for Nintendo's GameCube, which is similar to the G3, which Apple uses in the iBook/classic iMac.

    [edit] Besides, they're talking about POWER5. :rolleyes:

    [edit #2] Notice they said used in.... That's the past tense. No such POWER5 used in Macs. :p
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    sounds weird... Hopefully I will have one of those in 10 years :p ...
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    The exact quote is

    the same chips that are used in Apple PCs and Nintendo games systems

    The reporter is obviously confused. He's confusing the G3 with whatever processor is going into the supercomputers.

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