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Apple iBook G3 for 200

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bigjoe1086, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Is this a good buy?

    It has the 700 mhz process 350 mb of ram. No airport card, and it is in less thang good shape. Lots of surface scratches the battery bay won't close well.

    Some otherr questions, will it be able to upgrade to Tiger at least? I think Leopards out but I want it as recent as possible. Also is the iWork 06 program good? Need it for PPT Word and Excel compatibility. This is my first apple comp and I'm gonna use it to take notes and stuff in class.
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    I had Tiger on a G3 iBook @500mhz so no problem there. I don't know about the different versions of iWork, but iLife's iDVD and Garageband would not work.
    I used Neo Office, which did work, and an AirPort which also worked, but ran 802.11b.
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    For $200 and considering the condition, I think you're better off waiting for a better deal. That laptop is already about 6 years old, and if there is visible damage on it, who knows whats going on with components you can't see. Other World Computing often sells old G3's for pretty cheap, and they come with a 30 day return policy. I think you'd be better off with one of these, or a G4 if you can afford it.

    Then again, I'd probably suggest just getting a refurb macbook if you were going to spend money on a G4, so I suppose it's all a bit relative.
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    that honestly seems a little high, unless you want to try and take it apart to fix the battery issue. i would keep an eye out on ebay i have seen some snow whites go for under 200 with an airport, alot are 500mhz but i have seen some 700's.

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