Apple ID Nightmare

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    To my knowledge I have had only one Apple ID. Let's call it


    For years I have been using ABC+password, until I signed up .Mac and that's when they gave me an email.

    When the mobile me launched, I was given another email address But I kept using ABC+password for everything including my MobileMe login.

    Now Apple has decided that I have two Apple IDs after all:

    1) ABC (for iTunes)
    2) (for iCloud)

    I logged into the Apple ID management page for both IDs and saw this:

    1) Apple ID: ABC
    Primary Email Address: verified

    2) Apple ID:
    Primary Email Address: unverified

    I cannot modify anything on Apple ID 2), I CAN change the Apple ID number 1) but I was unable to remove or modify the primary email address.

    Something is seriously wrong here.:mad:

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