Apple Invites European Media to MWSF Keynote Broadcast

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 7, 2008.

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    According to, Apple has invited members of the European media to watch a special broadcast of Steve Jobs' Macworld San Francisco keynote speech.
    Journalists will be gathered at the BBC TV studios to watch the event live. The Macworld San Francisco 2008 keynote speech will place at the Moscone center in San Francisco, CA on January 15th at 9am Pacific. Apple typically releases new products at the Macworld keynote. Last year's keynote first introduced the iPhone. This year, Apple is rumored to be introducing a new thin laptop and likely revisions to their MacBook Pro line. We will be providing live coverage at

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    Does Apple usually broadcast live to Europe via satellite?
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    Not to put down MRs great coverage (which I follow alongside Engadget), I'm hoping its not too many years until we get live video online, whether its done by Apple or a third party :)
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    Worldwide Movie rentals.... has to be...
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    World of Apple is supposed to be providing a live video feed this year.
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    Video would be tough for anyone to pull off due to the scale required. But we'll have larger (largest?) photos this year.

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    That would be my question too. Should we be getting over excited about a Euro-centric release or is this just business as usual.
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    The fact that they're doing this implies that there's gonna be some European-specific news. The BBC will happily post news stories about Apple without an invitation, so this new development probably signifies some more profound international news for a change.
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    does this mean that there will be a live video feed :D
    my parents night is at the same time as the keynote:( how annoying:mad:


    Also will this mean that a european prodict is likely??
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    this is standard, inviting UK press to the BBC studio's..

    been done last few years at least..
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    didn't apple used to stream the video live back in the day? or am i just imagining things? :confused:
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    Or worldwide release of new products that they want to get some free advertisement from the BBC etc.
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    They used to. But haven't for many years.

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    Yes, before I was following them...
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    They stream it afterwards. Its generally a good idea to look at it a couple of days afterwards until the dust settles down otherwise its soooooooo slllllllllllow.:(
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    My thoughts exactly... and I f$%&ing hope so too.

    FAO Steve: My projector is 720p native...
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    Seems like only a few years ago though.
    Still can't believe they took that away from us :)
    That first keynote without live stream was pure rampage on irc and live update sites.
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    were can we find out about world of apples feed?
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    The fact is that Apple hasn't been this newsworthy for many years...if ever. Don't hold your breath waiting to here that Europe is going to get iTMS movie rentals at the same time as the USA, or any other Euro-centric news of the sort.

    This is just about buzz. They want the press to see Jobs in Europe just like they do in the USA because Jobs is a master salesman and hypester extraordinaire. See Jobs doing his song and dance gets people a lot more inspired than a press release, and they want the worldwide press to be inspired. The MacBook Nano is likely to be inspiring, as are the number that he opens the show with...for Macs, iPhones, iPods, iTMS, etc.
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    7" 3G iphone/pda with simultaneous worldwide release.


    Apple adds 3G capabilities into its new laptop line, with the ability to use your existing iPhone account.


    Movie rentals (fairly obviously)


    eBook reader and downloads on iTunes.

    thats my bet/wish

    EDIT: actually scrap the idea of 3G in laptops, though its a great idea, I just realized each laptop would have to go through all the international regulations like mobile phones and so take 6 months to reach market. I doubt thats gonna happen, unless they go the way of detachable 3G so it is a separate device.
    Like the rumor on front page of Spymac couple of years back that I started when I had too much time on my hands.
    EDIT2: Scrap detachable 3G in laptops as well, Apple are more likely to promote easy laptop integration with 3G through your iPhone (that apple will expect every laptop owner to own).
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    There was a time that we could watch macworld live on a video feed from apple. Im sure of this as I used to watch them.

    One day they came out with their new codec for quicktime, which was supposed to help live feeds, and they used it once and never again.
    After then no more live Macworld feeds.

    How many years has it been...dont remember, but they did used to do it on a regular basis. Its kind of pointless to put up the video after the fact, loses the momentum of a live event. Some like it, and its o.k. for reference.

    But I like the live updates/refreshes and pics that sites (other than apple) offer during the event.


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    yes, then they decided to ditch it in favor of a download released after all the hype had dwindled.
    I used to watch their keynote streams religiously, very annoying, I hope they bring it back soon.
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    Here we go... :)

    This is where the countdown really starts :cool:

    Can't wait!! :apple:
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    Will we be getting the "spoiler-free" link this year as well? It's worked out wonderfully the past two times, I'm kinda used to going about it this way... :eek:

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    Down under journos?

    It would be nice to think that we (with nationwide 3G networks) might get some of that action too.

    Don't care about a 7 incher, a standard sized 3G (or EDGE for that matter) would be fantastic!

    As for movies, we don't even have TV shows here.

    Does anyone know if there is a similar event in Australia?

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