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iPad Apple iPad 4 Dock?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by puma1552, Nov 23, 2012.

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    No mention of Apple making one of these with the lightning connector?
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    Not that I have found..I haven't found anything for my iPhone 5 yet either...
  3. ScottNWDW, Nov 23, 2012
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    I don't think that Apple will be making docks for the iPad and iPhone any longer. Apparently they are not huge sellers and with all the other devices out there that can dock and charge most people use those.

    Personally I have had the iPhone dock for my iPhone 3G and then iPhone 4 as well as my original iPad. Since the docks really did not accommodate the device even in Apple's own cases they did not get used much.

    I would like I see a dock though for the iPad mini.
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    You may have a point, but I don't know, for the tiny amount of R&D that must go into it compared to the ridiculous price ($29) for them, they have to be a bit of a cash cow for Apple. I definitely would like one for my iPad 4, but I guess I didn't realize Apple didn't tailor one to the iPhone 5 (though the iPhone 4 dock should be plenty fine for the 5 I'd imagine).
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    The iPhone 5 has the lightning port, therefore the dock won't work with it. They did have a dock for the original iPad and then the redesigned one for the iPad 2/3. For the 4 all they would really have to do is change out the standard connector with the lightening connector.

    Same with the iPhone, there was an iPhone dock for the 3G/3GS, redesigned then for the iPhone 4/4S.

    Personally I have always bought the docks and thought they looked great. yes it was a pain at times to take the devices out of their respective cases, but they still looked good and eventually there was iPhone "slider" dcases where you just slid off the bottom of the case and then it would work in the dock. As for the iPad 2/3, with smart cover the dock was still usable and the smart cover just snapped on/off anyway.

    I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini now and would like to see a dock for both of them If anything the docks helped manage the power cords better for me.
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    Ah that's right, how could I forget the iP5 has the lightning connector.

    Yeah I use my devices naked, so I like the docks. I avoided them for years, sure they would scratch/scuff/leave a mark on my devices, but they don't.
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    I thought I'd read earlier that Apple had specifically stated they would not be releasing lightening based docks.
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    Any idea why? It's so nice to have my phone sitting in it's dock charging as part of my computer/desk setup, rather than having to have it just laying on the desk with the cord plugged in. The docks just make the devices look like they have a place to be.
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    Apparently Phil Shiller doesn't see the need for an Apple branded dock

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    One reason I'm in no hurry to move to the iPad 4. I love having a dock.
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    Anyone find an iPad 4 dock yet?
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    the only reason why i wont be upgrading my ipad anytime soon because there isn't any dock available for the new ipad with a lightning connector, i only leave my ipad on a dock

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