Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus $8.93 FSSS @ Amazon!!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by fe1000, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Saw on another forum. Have the 1st gen and love it!

    Acase 2nd Generation Apple iPad / iPhone / iPod Capacitive Stylus (Jet Black) Newest Model

    This is nearly 50% less than the price of the 1st gen stylus but apparently the 2nd generation is even better.

    * Greater responsiveness and increased tip durability over the 1st generation capacitive stylus
    * Works on all capacitive touch screens - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC HD2, BlackBerry Storm, Gphone and any capacitive touch panel device
    * Conveniently designed in pen form; Perfect for carrying around; Comes with Retail Box
    * Durable construction; Detachable tether (that is attached to the top of the stylus)
    * Perfect for cold days when you don't want to remove your gloves
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    Thanks for the post. I just made a review for this on another forum. Im posting it here as well:

    I received mine from Amazon today, and I couldn't put it down all day. I'm not sure how I even used my iPad without a stylus before.

    First impressions: It is pretty light, I was expecting it to be somewhat bulkier from seeing the official pictures. However after using it for a few minutes it felt JUST RIGHT in my hand. The texture of the stylus feels very nice and I'm able to have a good grip on it. Even after writing a bunch of emails I didn't have any issues with sore fingers, like I have with regular pens.

    Performance: This is where I was most impressed. I like to read a lot of online newspapers and Blogs (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ZeroHedge, Curbed, etc) using the stylus made the navigation extremely easy and I'm able to scroll all over the page with ease, and NO messy fingerprints!! When I wrote emails and typed on the keyboard, the accuracy was nearly 100% whereas with my fingers I miss a key stroke here and there.

    Once you get used to the stylus the iPad will respond to it just as well as it does to your fingers. I even found it to be more. The tip is made of a very soft material (feels like rubbery foam) and doesn't cause any streaks or any kind of marks on the iPad's screen.

    Score: 9.0/10 I'm very impressed with this Acase Stylus. It is of very high quality, and performs very well. I am deducting a point because it was slighly thinner and lighter than I expected it to be (I have big hands) but it is still extremely comfortable to use.

    Link to Amazon:



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    Order placed

    I ordered 2 of them. The black was $4.95, red was 16

    Came in today. Works fantastic on the iPhone 3GS and the iPad. Even thru my Otterbox Defender protective screen. Slimmer than my fingers and I can see more of the keyboard. I also used it on my Garmin GPS and it works great there also. Well worth the $$
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    any good video reviews of this guy in action? I'd be down for one as long as I can write well with it, I know alot of the stylus's require too much pressure or write too large
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    Jet Black ftw! Looks sweet. Does it work with many different angles?
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    has anyone had any experience with this? The first two posts in this topic look like spam to me, both registered in Dec & Jan with nothing but good cookie cutter things to say about the stylus. I need a better review or video to make up my mind please :)
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    There are a couple of reviews on

    Whether those are "planted" or not, I do not know.
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    Where did you get them at that price? Amazon is selling them for $9.97.
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    I got 3 at 4.95 each. The price quickly went up (as demand increased, I am sure in part due to this thread) to 5.99 and then all the way up to 9.97.

    I have 3 of the Targus Stylus from Best Buy (awesome) and they have steadily increased in price from the 14.95 each at which I bought them to the current 19.95.

    Also, if you order this stylus on, if you purchase the one with Fulfillment by Amazon, it is 9.97 but you can get free shipping if your order qualifies. If you purchase from MLC through Amazon, for fulfillment by MLC, it is 5.99 plus 3.99 shipping.
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    Amazon doesn't increase prices based on demand. According to them their prices routinely change based on their source prices. I follow Amazon prices closely and only purchase items with free shipping.

    I'll set up a alert and watch to see if their price goes down again on this Stylus before I buy.
  11. GoCubsGo, Jan 11, 2011
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    $10 or $5 the sylus looks great and is priced better than many I've seen.
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    "According to them"...Do you believe everything you are told?

    I have personally seen prices increase with demand...over a number of years of purchasing from who believes that a business...does not react to the laws of supply and demand is deluding themselves.

    THAT is why prices go up and down...

    Economics 101...
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    MLC Distribution, Inc. via Amazon Fulfillment
    scroll down till you see the MLC vendor.
    My wife took hers to work and some co workers had me order 3 more yesterday. The stylus had gone up $1 each.
    I'm not a spammer or troll, I just like the stylus.
    Today they are $9.97
    Wish I had ordered more earlier...
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    They are definitely "planted". Just like the first 2 posts of this thread.
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    I'm not so sure the Amazon reviews were planted. You can see that the reviewers have reviewed other products which would point away from the reviewers having some personal interest in the product (like working for the company).
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    My 3 arrived today. Fast shipping. I haven't had the chance to use them yet...
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    I've had the opportunity to check out the stylus I received yesterday (I bought and received 3 at 4.95)...I find it on par with the Targus and the Boxwave.

    Great deal.
  18. elarius, Jan 17, 2011
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    Hello! I like your case! Where did you get it from, and how much?

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