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Apple iPad Case Not Dockable

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by longofest, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Apple's iPad case is NOT dockable with the iPad Dock. You can use the 30-pin to USB cable with the case, but it can't be used with any dock that stands the iPad up without taking the case off first.
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    I just found that out :( Need to decide if I want to return the case now.
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    Yeah, thought that might be the case. I bought both a case and a dock but not sure how I want to handle it either. One will probably go back.
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    Is the case not for more external use? While the dock is obviously internal?
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    doesn't the case have a built in stand? Seems like you wouldn't need the dock
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    The case does have a built-in dock when you flap the cover around which is convenient. Using the dock however frees up more desk space. Taking it out of the case just to dock it can become a pain real fast

    This is the same type of issue with iPhones and cases and I should have known better.
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    Ditto. If you use it in landscape mode you should still be able to charge it with the cable and use it at the same time with the stand engaged.
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    That's too bad. I'll be returning my case. Taking it out of the case to dock it is just not practical.
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    Apple’s not the first source I’d ever think of for cases. Somehow, from the old iPod “holsters” to their various Mini/Nano accessories, they just don’t seem to be the best they can be.

    I like the way it props up, but I think there’s room for third-party innovation. I want a case that props in portrait OR landscape, AND opens up on one edge for docking. And one that adds less bulk than Apple’s does.
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    i want a case with a keyboard in it
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    Would you please comment on how easy it is to remove the iPad from the case. Does it snap on? Is this something you would want to do daily so you can use it naked, and then case it for travel, typing, stand?

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    Possible iPad Case undockable solution

    What I'm going to do is buy the :apple: iPad Case and the :apple: Wireless Keyboard to avoid the problem. And the Keyboard Dock and the Wireless Keyboard are the same price so, you aren't having to spend more money!! :)
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    Lol. Seems so logical too some, yet so bizarre to others.
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    the case is thin enough that I may just cut out the hole where the dock goes to the same witdth as the dock... it should work then... I noticed that the thickness of the case on the back of the iPad does not interfere with the back brace on the dock... the only thing keeping it from making the connection is the fused seam on the case.
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    Please post how this works if you do this. I think it is a good idea.
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    Are you people serious? Is this why there are so many warning labels on everything? Use your heads people.

    Is this thread making anyone else think of Brawndo?
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    Yeah sometimes it's not as obvious as people think it is. I didn't realize this until I put the iPad in the case.

    I might go back for a neoprene sleeve. Good thing Apple has a 14-day no restock fee return policy. And I think the case is pretty crappy.
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    It's not something you want to constantly be taking on and off. It fits pretty snuggly. No snaps.
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    Dock and Case

    I kind of feel silly now for spending $30 on the dock. I like the case and will keep it. You won't find any case that will allow you to dock it with the case on. I never thought of just using the stand of the case while charging.
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    Thanks for bringing this up. I planned on getting the case and dock. I'm just going to get the case now.
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    I thought they would both work together as well. I am probably going to return the dock, I can probably find some kind of generic stand and just route a normal iPod cable into the bottom.
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    I'm returning the dock as well

    I really like the case and am definitely keeping it
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    Can someone take some pictures of the case? Can you fold it flat in the back? Not At tying angle.
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    I have the case and dock. Like others said, I do not recommend purchasing both.

    I will probably only use the case for traveling, so I can still use the dock at home.
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    He, are you also going to get one of those wireless power supplies announced last thursday?

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