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iPad mini Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover not great, doesn't lay flat\stay on

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by shenan1982, Nov 2, 2012.

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    I'm disappointed. I bought a (Red) Smart Cover. Like others have reported, the magnets aren't strong enough to firmly hold it to the screen of the iPad. I'm going to return it and get the Belkin Dot Folio for now until something else comes along. I really wished the iPad Mini Smart Cover worked.... I tried the blue one in the store and had the same issue. Bummer.
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    I'd try anohter - I have a red and the dark grey, and both fit fine and can be turned upside down and they stay in place....and snug to the screen...because the hinge is now poly, they do move a bit on the surface, but match up fine...
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    It's not a question of matching up... when tilted upside down they sag. Several others have reported the same on here, and the Apple store said they've been getting reports all day, and it's a known issue. You know you don't have to be so defensive just because you bought the product, jeez.
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    I'm not defensive at all, I have two here that don't sag upside down...if you want I'll email you a video showing that....
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    It's a matter of your level of tolerance, that's all. They all do it.... your standard of acceptance is just lower
  6. glen e, Nov 2, 2012
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    looks pretty flat to me......I put it on you tube......guess I'm just not OCD about it....fold them back on themselves and put them under a weight for a few hours, they sit flat...the sun also does it...

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    You just made my point PERFECTLY, thanks for the video...

    a) you were holding it almost mid-way, which decreases the sag.

    b) 0:05 in you can see the wall through the gap\sag.

    That's my point, that sag is not supposed to be that way. When comparing to the design of the Smart Covers for the full size iPad, where that issue doesn't exist. Depending on how you hold yours, the sag is exacerbated and becomes much more noticeable. Obviously there's not enough magnetic hold on the ends, or they should have also put magnets in the middle to prevent the sag.

    Additionally, I didn't comment on it before, but I don't like how the case folds don't allow it to fold nicely against the back like in the full size version. It doubles over awkwardly and hangs out. Not a huge issue, but a peeve.

    I am not OCD, it just seems like we should expect more for a piece of poly-whatever that costs FORTY DOLLARS. It feels cheaper (to me) than the full size versions, but maybe not. Sorry if you feel my expectations are too high for a forty dollar piece of plastic.

    EDIT - The issue isn't that it's not "flat" ... putting it under a weight isn't the issue. The issue is that you have a 6-7 inch span, and there is magnets at 0" and a magnet at 6.5". . and the magnets seem insufficient, and by any engineering standard that sag will happen. The only remedy I could see to prevent this would have been a magnet at the 3-4" point as well.
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    your right - I think you are expecting too much, my larger smartcovers do what you don't like too, does not bother me in the least. And I am holding the corner 1st section, not the middle. I just don't see it as a problem. But yes, take it back, you'll never see it as something that suits you....
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    I ditched my iPad (3rd gen) a month ago. I don't recall having the same issue, but I suppose it may have been lack of noticing it. This just really sticks out on the Mini for me. Well back to the store the Smart Cover goes. I really want a folio style case anyhow, I have 3 being delivered tomorrow from Amazon so hopefully one or more will be the one for me. :)
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    I hope you find what you want....I'm gonna wait on a folio for a while as I just don't think the case makers have had one to template until today. I would like to find a folio like the spiegen Valentinus which has been great on my 3 and now my 4...Like the 3, most case makers so far are screwing up the magnet thing again like the early days of the 3....(targus,Maroo)
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    OP thanks for your post. I thought the smart covers were supposed to do this but I'm wrong. When I hold my ipad upside down, the cover drops right off as if there are no magnets at all.
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    Yeah, I'm thinking the same. The two I ordered (non branded) from Amazon both arrived and didn't fit or didn't fit well (and I'm not being picky like the ones I talked about in this thread, hehe).

    I even posted another thread from Kay Cases how they said they got the specs from rumor sites and they turned out wrong. They refunded it, but I think you're right about the specs being kept quiet.

    I do think Belkin\Speck\Incipio got the specs early on though, as they are usually pretty reputable, and Belkin already has cases in stock. Just a guess tho.


    Mine doesn't just drop right off, but a slight shake and it will drop. It's definitely sagging without trying. I think it's a good product, and I'd tolerate the sag if they had charged $10-20 for it, but at $40, nope.
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    Is it supposed to magnetize to the back?
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    LoL OP is the one that's all uptight yet he accuses you of being defensive.... classic!
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    I second that : it does sag because the magnets at the far end of it are not strong enough.
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    I'm going to do an exchange tomorrow to see if that helps.
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    The mini Smart Covers are weaker in structural strength for obvious reasons. But they still work perfectly fine and lat flat as they are supposed to. At least in my case. Even the magnets hold the cover when its flipped back, unlike the larger version. Again, because we're dealing with a much smaller cover.
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    ME Nick

    Yeah, I'm having the same issue with the mini smart cover.
    Mine actually raises up when set down on the mini.

    Haven't even tried the turn upside-down test yet.
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    I got the belkin dot case delivered today... don't like it, it's like a friggin novel. Oh well guess it'll do until something else comes along.

    I really really hope apple comes out with the smart case, that would solve all of my issues with finding the perfect case.
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    So your cover stays on without budging? I want. I want.
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    I'd love to see a video of this. Because the Apple store itself is saying that they don't stay on.
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    Same here. I'd like to see a video of that. If the back was magnetized, the iPad would fall asleep.
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    I have a red and a green and they both sag! I'm not real happy with them so hopefully apple makes it right.
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    If you turn a regular iPad or iPad mini upside down with a Smart Cover it sags a little bit. If you completely hold it upside down with now support on the Smart Cover it comes undone.

    The one thing I'm worried about is the new poly between the magnet (permanent one attaching to the body) and the Smart Cover. The Poly or whatever it is seems like it could rip/get loose. Before it couldn't with the metal...does anyone else get what I'm saying?
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    You mean the piece that holds the cover to the mini? It's fairly strong. It held up my ipad when I attached it to my fridge haha

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