Apple iPhone is 4th Top Selling Mobile Phone in U.S.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 19, 2007.

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    MobileTechNews reports on recent data from Strategy Analytics on 3rd quarter 2007 marketshare data for mobile phones.

    Strategy Analytics states that the iPhone has been the top selling phone for AT&T accounting for 13% of all AT&T phone sales, which makes it the 4th top selling handset in the U.S.

    Strategy Analytics David Kerr notes that the iPhone does appeal to a broad demographic:

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    Glad to see the iPhone is doing good and it's retaining its popularity.
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    Only 4th!? Shame on you Apple for again letting down your investors! How much longer until it is #1? 2-3 more quarters? Thats an entire YEAR. Way to go, I have lost all faith in you...
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    Yay for the geezers buying iPhones!!! :p
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    I wonder at what point the guys who turned down the iPhone will start kicking themselves, if they haven't already.
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    Much Ado

    That is astonishing...
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    i phone nano will take the top spot ;) phone and ipod, no browser.
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    Verizon doesn't care. They've got their large salvo of amazing phones to dominate the market... like the upcoming Juke...

    *Please note: sarcasm*
  9. BTW
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    One other must have feature: unlocked! :eek:
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    This is good news, but does that mean they're on target for their 1% in a year or not, that really is the question. I haven't seen any real figures except what Apple has stated on only two occasions, but I don't think they'll get there, I think they'll be close, but just shy of 1%.

    We'll have to see what the figures are this Monday :)
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    Even if there is no iphone nano, by the time this one is replaced, the original iphone will be offered discounted, and that will make up a product line. That alone will break the 10 million mark, if it already hasn't by then. Once apple has its typical 3 model line-up (budget, mid, pro) the 1% marketshare they're aiming for will be a distant memory.
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    I thought the geezers were buying Razrs.:)
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    The figures could be better, but many people haven't purchase an iPhone because they're afraid that as soon as they buy one, a new model will come out, typical of the iPod class, and the 200$ price cut didnt help peoples feeling of stability IMO :rolleyes:

    Everybody else who bought an iPhone - r:apple:ck on!
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    Much Ado

    I can see a new ad campaign coming- The Razr, fr Gzrs.
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    well im on my second one seeing as i lost my first one from iDay :mad:

    but i love my phone cant live without it
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    I wonder if the phone could have been subsidized and apple had not taken a profit in the providers monthly fee, thus reducing the tariff cost if we would have been a little higher than 4th ranking?

    Of course, this wouldn't have meant the phone was either locked or unlocked, just cheaper.

    The main reason I'm not going to buy one is the rubbish tariff because apple is sticking it's fingers into O2's profits thus meaning it has to give terrible tariffs to get their money back.

    The european market will not bear this rip-off phone long term, apple will eventually have to re-think its plans I believe.
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    You are prob. correct. Long term.

    In the mean time, even if I lived in the EU I would still buy one now instead of waiting, this thing just plain makes me more productive.
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    yeah me too. hope it continues
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    The iPhone is an (almost) perfect productivity companion.

    Wherever I go, I need to take just 3 things:

    1) my iPhone (all my important stuff)
    2) my wallet
    3) my glasses

    Now... when they implement: iAm, iPay and iSee apps on the iPhone, it will be the only thing I need with me...
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    I wonder what will happen over the next year, as more and more people see their contracts with other carriers expire. My job responsibilities have shifted over the last few months and I work among a lot of people with blackberries. In March I'll probably get an iPhone, after my Verizon contract ends. I suspect a lot of other people are waiting for their contracts to end as well. Seeing others with iPhones will only help sway them as they wait.
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    Bring on the #1 slot!

    I predict it will be the #2 selling device in the US by this summer, and the #1 by the end of 2008.

    When the second generation one comes out will determine how accurate I am. :)
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    Juke Juke Juke Juke of Earl Earl Earl...
    Juke of Earl...:eek::eek::eek::rolleyes::cool:
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    So--probably still the top smart phone as well.
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    iPhone nano

    thank you for saying this! I don't think that apple would do it, but an iphone minus the internet is exactly what i want!
    maybe i will get even more lucky, and apple will announce the iphone nano will only be on verizon... lol.
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    as others have said, I fully expect a 3-part line-up for the iPhone. Just as "ipod" dominates the market, so too will "iphone" but it will actually be 3 (or 4 or 5 as ipod now seems) different products to cover different niches.

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