Apple iPhone5 display compared to Nokia Lumia 920

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by sagar4995, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I didn't understand any of that. :confused:
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    hahaha.. neither did i first time i went through it... but basically its saying that the brightness of the lumia is 30% brighter.. which indirectly means the iphone 5 is 30% darker...
    also about the screen sensitivity... apparently lumia's is more sensitive.
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    Looks good to me. This is the phone I am most interested in.
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    Good for Nokia, though the display is thicker and WP appears to still be slightly behind iOS in finger tracking, which voids some aspect of that comparison. From what I read though, the display uses a thin resistive screen to achieve that "super sensitive" quality, which is sort of gimmicky and old-fashioned.

    The general improvement in brightness, reflectivity, screen refresh rates, etc, are all welcome.
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    :confused: What have you read or seen to lead you to believe this?! Please link us to it; I'd be curious to see what was said. It's the opposite of all the reactions I've seen from the press so far.
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    Just watching some clips of Windows Phone 8, you can tell it's definitely not as tight as iOS at this point in development. Hopefully they will fix this up before release, but it was my observation. I never said anything more than that.
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    Are you sure this is a resistive screen? I checked the website and it doesn't specify. But maybe it has to be in order to use gloves etc.
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    It's a capacitive screen (that if i understand correctly) is just way more sensitive to the electrical fields than most because of how it's constructed. There is no longer a discrete sensor... it's built into the display itself... similar to the iphone 5's in-cell unit. It is also brighter and uses less power.
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    Whatever it is....I want Lol
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    i'm with ya!
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    Lets just wait for the 920 to actually be released...
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    Which will be soon I hope. I keep hearing 10/21 but I don't know if that's a launch or a preorder.
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    I actually want the Lumia 920 to succeed, since I'm guessing it would take more sales from Samsung than Apple. However, Nokia has made a lot of dumb moves over the past 2 years (such as signing an exclusive deal with AT&T for the 900 and now the 920). If the 920 were running Android it would likely be vying with the Galaxy S3 for the title of top-selling non-iOS phone. As nice as Windows Phone 8 may be, it just doesn't have the market traction of Android.

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