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Apple Iphoto Album Examples....

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Sca1pel, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Hi, Im thinking of making my girlfriend an album of all the photo's she compiled over the past few months and giving it to her as a Christmas gift, I've been thinking of making one entirely from scratch, just buying the album and hand paisting. But I wanted to see if any of you had examples of the Apple Iphoto Albums they sell. Thank you all!
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    If you mean the iPhoto books, then yes. We recently had eight done for our wedding album, from earlier this year (xmas presents).

    Turned out better than expected. There were two pics with low-resolution warnings, from too much cropping, but they turned out OK.

    Very easy, very convenient, nice results.

    The only comment against 'em was the 'Made On A Mac' type message on the inside of the back cover - the grey colour they printed it with doesn't look that good.
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    Also, before you send them off, go into Preferences and look for the one pertaining to iPhoto.

    Inside that .plist file are 3-6 settings pertaining to the print quality of your PhotoBook. After your book is made, it's sent off as a PDF to Apple. To keep the file size down, the quality isn't as great as it can be. You can change the settings so that it prints at 300 DPI instead of 180 DPI or whatever they use. There's a massive massive difference going to 300 DPI, but the file size is larger, so uploading takes ages. You can set it higher if you want, but it won't come out much better after it's printed.

    They look excellent. Great photos. Much better than hand-pasting the photos, and only costs around 2x more than having digital photos printed at a shop. But then you'd have to buy the photo album anyway.

    If you want me to help you find the settings related to PhotoBook quality, let me know.
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    I had some photos posted here once, but long lost, unfortunately. The quality is very, very good.
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    Can you go into more detail about that? Any chance of messing the book up? We recently ordered our second book and had 2 pictures not print. Apple refunded half of the price, but I don't want something to go wrong because of messing with the prefs, but I would like to get the best quality possible.


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    I'm curious about this as well, I'v begun to construct a photo album but can't seem to locate any DPI preferences.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Leeloo the 5th

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    Thanks for pulling that up Leeloo - I was about to do a search myself :p

    Another thing to bear in mind is that I'm sure they're busier in December than any other time so you'd probably want to do the album sooner rather than later to be sure of getting it.
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    1. Go search for a pref file on your computer called: com.apple.iPhoto.plist.

    2. Look for several settings.
    i) BookTargetImageDPI
    ii) BookTargetMediumImageDPI
    iii) BookTargetSmallImageDPI

    3. Change their values from the default (forgot what it was) to 300. Like I said, you can change it to a DPI higher than 300 if you want, but the quality will end up almost the same, since quality also depends on the printer being used to make the book.

    And instead of iPhoto sending Apple a 15-20 MB file, it's going to send them a 50-80 MB file, depending on the number of pages and photos in your book. Just warning you now.

    4. Since iPhoto warns you if you're using a poor quality, low DPI image, you can change the settings so that you get a warning at a DPI that's different from the default (say you want 200 DPI to be the bare minimum). To do so, change the "BookWarningImageDPI" setting to whatever DPI you want. I think I changed mine from 150 to 180, but that was a bit pointless, wasn't it. ;)

    5. Get your hot sister to join MacRumors and PM me.

    6. Go away and leave us alone.
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    If you're running Tiger, you'll have to use something like Prefsetter (linked in above link) to edit your plist since they're no longer in 'text' format.
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    Yeah, or if you chose to install XCode 2 when you did the Tiger upgrade (or I should say "IF" you did an upgrade and don't have a new system), all you need to do is double-click the .plist file like any regular file to open it.

    If you don't have XCode or that PrefSetter program and you try to open that .plist file, I believe it opens in OmniGraffle or OmniOutliner or something. I forget.

    And to answer a previous question, I have ordered 2 books after playing around with the settings, and my mum received them both in excellent condition. I haven't seen them since I haven't seen her in awhile ( :( ), but I was assured that they were very nice, and I didn't have any trouble with it, so I don't believe it is risky to change the settings, from personal experience.
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    I put an iphoto book together on the Friday after Thanksgiving; it was on my desk at work on the following Tuesday. I didn't change any pref files or anything; the book was pretty close to perfect. The only reason it wasn't perfect was my choice of a couple of dark photos. It really looked great.
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    But does anyone have like photo's of ones they've ordered.
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    A search for iphoto book brought up this thread which has some images from iGary

    See them here...

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