Apple is coming on strong!

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by carlsson, Jul 18, 2001.

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    Stop the whining!
    I love Apple and I love all the new things they have given us this last year, wether it was presented yesterday or three months ago.
    Apple is going on strong and the market grows bigger.
    We won't switch to slimey grey plastic wintel-****!

    Stop your whining and be happy we work on the most tremendous platform and machines of all!
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    Is that you Steve?
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    lol.... i take it u dont like wintel mr carlsson?
    Macworld woz dissapointing but partly because alot were hoping 4 too much.
    Sure it woz a skank but i do like the sound of moving from dual 533 powermacs to dual 800, big improvement. like the new case, bit boring tho.
    As 4 the imac... a new one needs to cum soon.
    When is the next macworld by the way?
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    Re: smeg

    I was really happy with the Macworld expo. I was shocked at what came out. I thought Apple had done away with the G4 duals. But they made a come back. Much faster too, blow the knickers off of the AMD Athlons. Superdrives on the mid and high range G4s now :-D Flat screen iMacs will be a few more keynotes down the road. Patience is good to have. I'm just waiting for the 2nd gen of the Titanium G4s. And this quote below I found funny. iMacs cumming is just funny =)
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    lol...... some ppl have a one-track mind ;)
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    I think the new G4s are great and really cool looking but I am wating for a G5 or G6 depending how long it will take me to afford a high preformace Mac. This little ibook will do me well until then. This batch of G4s will probably be the last or second to the last batch of them. Then bring on the G5 baby!!
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    One-Track Mind

    Actually it's a one track spelling. But I won't get into the details of both meanings. Like their and there. They both mean different but sound the same. So it's not one track, it's being smart and knowing proper grammer :-D And on G5s, yes that will be great. I already own 350MHz G4 PCI Graphics and I'm planning to get a Plutonium Pow... I mean Titanium PowerBook. I will sleep with it every night.
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    well ijm sorry for not being intellectual enough for you.
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    spikey: At least you aren't sleeping with a laptop computer.

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    sticky white love piss

    hehe, i see wot u mean.
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    A true mac lover lusts for Apple computers on a regular daily basis. And there is NOTHING wrong with sleeping with laptops. I'd sleep with my G4 tower if it wasn't plugged into so may devices. Quite a bother to move it to my bed.
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    lol, i like the way spikey spelled "come" in his first message. too funny. i spell it that way too sometimes. keep the cum cumming.
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    Do you like your power mac glowing? Plutonium, lol
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    What do u mean "move it to your bed"? I have my imac in my bed, all the time! That way I have my digital hub as close as possible; I can look at my dvd's in my bed, surfing the net, make all my iMovies etc etc... Best of all - I don't need a blanket, the iMac alster so much heat I am warm anyway! (and with the upcoming "Platinum" we have the tan for free)

    Maybe I made u all believe that I am one of those Apple fanatics, and even if I love Macintosh, I am not fanatic. At work I maintain mac's as well as Wintel machines, we have 34 Mac's and 33 PC's. I prefer to work with Mac though and have done so the last 15 years. Mac is not the perfect solution always (yet), but for certain; that isn't the wintel solutions either!
    What I wanted to say is that soo many people complained about their disappointment re MacWorld Expo. Okey, so they didn't present the lcd iMac 2GHz for $499? Make an own if u think it's so simple!

    I just got little tired with all the negative wibes! Apple is kicking some ass and they will be kicking more!!!

    And no - I'm not Steve! :)
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    we love you steve ;-)
    in 2 years,AMD will produce powerpc processors with high mhz's and there will be G4/G5 product line
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    I wan't to ride my biii cycle... I wanna ride my bicycle.
    People, PATIENCE IS THE KEY, not MUSIC (loveparade 98).

    Wait till Christmas 2001.

    - Revision 2 Titanium Laptops (probably with Radeon Mobiliti)

    - G4 powermacs topping out at 1GHZ

    - G5 powermacs pictures on

    - Dont think any i-mac (new one) will be introduced till December. It will have an lcd display of 14 - 15 inch.

    G3, G4, G5 will live together as one happy family.
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    kela forget about it...

    rev.2 titanium will have geforce 2 go,not radeon mobility because apple is cuting cooperation with ati

    we will see new powermac g4 1ghz in may 2002

    forget about g5's.. maybe for few years..

    new iMac (TNG) will be introduced in january 2002

    g3,g4,g5 cannot live together,there will be g4 and g5... in few years

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    Apple screws us! and to prove their sales team have absolutely NO idea - look at the (new) revised prices of the old 733 vs the new 733 here in the UK.....
    and why the glut in teh first place? maybe because us, the punters, realised they were over priced at the off....

    Resellers here in the UK are suffering badly from Apples high handed approach and seemingly incompetant pricing.
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    Sick, sick, sick

    Hey people!! quit making love to your computers!!!

    There are minors reading this forums.
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    sticky penis milk

    All this talk of cum is getting my hard drive hot.
    thats enuff sex jokes from me, though i think the list is endless. :)
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    If apple want to sell to schools....

    They need more prices cutting. Look my dad is a educator and we look at the prices list for a top of the line model. We barely got $100 off!!! And for the LCD imac's it already to late for schools. Apple's ibook's aren't selling to schools cause the school don't want there students with laptops of there own. I hade to fight with my school b4 they gave me a 5 year old one. Apple is greedy with prices and even more with school budgets. :(

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