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Apple is selling a Power Mac G4 for $2,042 ...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jessica Lares, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Jessica Lares

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  4. orestes1984, Oct 16, 2012
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    Me thinks its a bug ;) the order numbers work for a few of the machines, see what else you can find...
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    Interesting that they're advertising it there as if it were better and faster than the newer Macs...I wonder what would happen if I just clicked "Add to Cart" and paid for it...Just to see what I'd get.
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    Shows up when I add it to the cart. I too would be interested in finding out if one could really pay for it. But, I would be more interested in Apples response :D
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    What bug?! Think different ;) Apple just trying to get some share in collectors market :p
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    Gotta be a mistake. Can't see them offering these without support. And if true, they'd likely announce PowerPC prior to offering these products.

    Stay tuned. . .
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    I added 20 Power Macs to my cart, they want $40000 apparently. The cart works I can go through to the checkout page, let's see which one of us is willing to make an order to see what Apples response is. :rolleyes:
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    is this really for real?

    If this is not a typo, I might get one.. has anyone checked the USA apple store to see if the MDD G4 is on that site?


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    OMG, it's uber-rarity! First time I clicked on link in OP, I didn't pay attention to the picture... ...and it's 733 MDD! :eek: :eek: :eek: I understand that price now ;)
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    Nothing on Google about this, though I still believe it's a mistake.

    Apple stopped "thinking different" about such things a long time ago. One of the casualties of financial and corporate success.
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    I'm extremely tempted to order the iBook one. Wonder what'll arrive at my doorstep if anything actually does.
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    I did a search on the apple online store page (Up in the gray bar at the top of the page) and just typed in G4 i also tried G3 and G5 but no macs came up. I tried this on the USA version of the store and only The mini DVI to VGA (And DVI) adapter comes up.:)
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    True, they'll be selling a G5 or a G4 Cube next lol.

    "512MB memory (DDR333 SDRAM)
    40GB Ultra ATA hard drive"

    And to think that was once top-of-the-range specs.
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    If anything my guess would be a MacBook Pro. That would be cool to know if the iBook apple is selling is really what there shipping:D
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    Hold your horses folks. Apple isn't getting them in for eight more days. Then you can bathe in your two thousand dollar G4 glory ;-)
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    Ok, it says it has a scrolling pad... is that true? Does ibook G4 come with a scrolling track pad?
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    Yes it did. Only the last revision of the 12" and the 14" iBooks (mid 2005) came with s trackpad, sudden motion sensor etc.

    Boy that old apple iBook price was steep. I bought one new for $899 in late 2005.
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    Probably will take Apple a few days to buy up and restore all these old Macs and iBooks on eBay at a discount.v:rolleyes:
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    Orange Furball

    If only I had $1300 laying around. I miss my iBook
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    Someone hurry up and put their money where there mouth is :D
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    warp drive.

    i was unaware that the G4 possessed quantum leap processing... not bad for an aging machine! i'm guessing by ultra efficient system architecture they mean 'fans loud enough to make you cry' straight away. fast bus and louder than one by a mile and stuff. with pretty shiny doors. always loved that look.

    i'd just like to actually have one that wasn't all scratched to hell. could never afford a new one back when, so when through lots of used ones instead.

    cool trip in the way back machine. :apple:
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    i loved the iBook besides eMacs we also had iBook G4s in my high school i always wanted a iBook. However no i no longer need a laptop i never go anywhere that opts me to bring a laptop if i do i bring my Windows laptop i use for games that my Pentium 4 cannot handle :p

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