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Apple Issues First Beta of OS X 10.8.4 to AppleSeed Members

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Hopefully shutdown is snappier.
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    1 out, 16 over the course of more than a half year to go.

    Not to mention 10.9 will probably come out before 10.8.4. :p
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    I hope they fix the Safari memory leaks. PID: WebProcess using 10GB of RAM after day or two of usage is a little extreme...

    And no, it's not Facebook's fault.
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    Safari seems snappier.

    (They're asking people to focus on Safari? Come on, you knew this joke was coming)
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    Wonder when we'll see 10.9.
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    I don't know why, but it takes forever with my SSD compared to snappy start up times.
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    If I remember correctly, that's what they did with 10.7.5 last year. I know they had 10.7.5 in beta when ML came out, just not sure how far back the beta started.
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    April fools!!!

    oh wait...
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    LoL, bad day to be on the innerwebz.
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    What the hell is an AppleSeed member?

    What happened to beta access through the developer program?

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    Good point. Is this story an April Fool's joke?
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    Appleseed Members are people that Apple choose to test software before it goes on to developers. It is an invite only membership.
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    From this thread on Apple's discussion forums it would appear that various programs are given a 20 second window in which to close, thereby causing a delay.

    There's a solution in that thread of editing a plist file with a shorter time to pass before a program is force closed.

    I wonder if Apple raised the time because of cloud services? Perhaps they want programs to finish syncing before shutting down?

    In any case, it's annoying with or without an SSD
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    Thanks! I had no idea.
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    6 months and 25 betas later.....
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    Ask John Appleseed. He knows all about it. In fact he's testing 10.8.5 already.
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    Before anybody asks. And I know this question will pop up.

    Appleseed members are not known for leaking iso's or dmg's.

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    That almost sounds like an invitation to PM you :p
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    Please don't. It's not.
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    I have no intention of PMing you, hence the " :p "

    Don't panic, calm down and pop a valium.
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    Currently my Safari has been up for around 17 days and never have I seen it consume GB of memory (in fact, I have never seen it consume huge amount of memory at all since August last year) and neither do I have any process called WebProcess.

    What the heck have you installed on yours ?
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    Let the bitching and complaining begin. #macrumors
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    Hopefully this isn't an April fools joke! They definitely have more work to do on the graphics subsystem and Safari performance improvements. The WebKit dev builds are still snappier overall.

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