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Apple Japan CEO to take over McDonald's

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 6, 2004.

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    What!? What the heck is Harada thinking?? This guy seriously does not have any understanding of Apple, does he? How can any sensible person leave a respectable company such as Apple for McDonalds? This guy is just a money monger... so respect for anything but his bank account balance.

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    I smell future Apple/McDonalds Japan tie-in's coming.

    No one stays with Apple forever...I mean eventually SJ will retire as well or go and head up Pixar or something.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Bizarre....Apple to McCheese....

    How big is McDonald's in Japan? I can't stand the food there - way too much food, loaded with sugar, bleh! I imagine that unlike the Apple Computers, fast food of this sort wouldn't be as popular in Japan....

    Who's been to McDonald's in Japan? Anyone from there have some feedback?

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    Haha. It's interesting how you consider the Japanese to not like McDonalds.

    In reality, McDonalds is HUGE in Japan. It is the largest fast food chain, and everyone has eaten there at least once. Although they have been losing money the past few years, they still hold a big presence here.

    The taste, I feel, is somewhat less junk food-like. But, the burgers are flimsy with thin patties. I've been brought up eating Japanese McDonalds at least twice a month for my whole life, so I prefer the Japanese to the American. But Americans here say that the taste is basically the same but the quantity and size is much less.

    Japan is greatly influenced by the US, both politically and culturally. If you visit Japan, especially Tokyo, you'd be surprised by how American some things are.

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    I thought it was funny how they called it "MacDonalds" ... now all I can hear is that in my head with a strong Japanese accent.
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    Mr. Anderson

    ha, well, its my own personal preferences influencing that opinion :D

    I'd rather have sushi over McD's any day - acutally, like I said above, I don't ever eat there.....

    Are there any non American items on the menu at McDonald's Tokyo?

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    Re: HAHA

    Actually I've heard it pronounced something like "mac-a-donald-doze" the few times I've been there. It's been a few years but I seem to remember something about mashed potatoes on a burger.

    For a short while there where Taco Bells (or was it Dell Tacos?) in some of the "youth" areas of Tokyo, I guess they didn't do too well. I prefer Wendy's, but I only know of one, I'm sure there are more.
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    From Power Macs to Big Macs.
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    There are a few only-Japanese items at McDonald's here. Namely the Teriyaki Chicken Burger. We also had a "shaka-shaka" potato thing until a few years back. You had a selection from a few powder packets, such as BBQ, and they would put the fries into a sack. Then you put the powder in the sack and shake it. Hence the name "shaka-shaka", which is the sound it makes when you shake it, I guess.

    The Japanese pronounce McDonald's at "Ma-ku-do-na-ru-do", dropping the 's' completely. More often, among the young people, it's called "Makku". And guess what else is called "Makku"... Mac, that's right. Macs and McDonald's are referred to by the same nickname. What a joke.

    Hmm... come to think of it, maybe that had something to do with the fact that Harada moved to McDonald's? :p

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    Ahh... I can see it now - buy a Mac, get free Makku's for a month. Or you know how crazy Japan is with point cards for every store... maybe they'll start a joint Mac-Makku point system.

    Out in the paddies here there's only 1 McDonalds and the next one is four towns away, so on weekends it's super packed people waiting in line for 40min+ just for a simple burger! Maybe they'll be future Mac users...

    I'll keep ya posted if I start seeing Apple references around the store...


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