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Apple jingle at start up

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by JW8725, May 18, 2005.

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    Anyone know how to turn the apple jingle on startup OFF? No disrespect..etc.
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    I think Tinker tool pro will turn it of and holding F3 while it boots will mute it.
    Whoops F3 don't work at least in 10.4.
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    Hm, jingle, that's the first time I've heard it called that. Whenever I think of jingle I think of a 60's black & white commercial for laundry detergent. :p

    Of course I think it would be super-cool to replace the modern start-up chime with the old Mac Plus chime. :D Edit: Ooh, or better yet, the Hawaiian Death Chimes! Watch any Mac aficionado do a double-take and watch their heart jump into their throat. :D

    And then, there's always the mute key... if you mute your system before shutting down/restarting, it will normally apply to the startup chime too. But that's kind of a pain if you use sound often...
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    James Philp

    As far as i know the chime is firmware.
    The chimes are subtly different on each system too, or so it seems!
    I like them personally, but I'm assume you want to get rid of them because you're in a sensitive environment?! (It better be :p )
    With OS X you shouldn't need to restart your system too often though! It's actually better for Macs to be left on or slept.
    Before a restart make sure your system is muted - simple!
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    I normally end up restarting my PB once every 3-4 months because of updates and thats it...other than that it sleeps or is being used.
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    is it safe to leave the the mac on like this? Also what about my electric bills? Pardon me but im new to all this.
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    James Philp

    in sleep mode it uses very little electricity. look here if you want detailed electricity info.
    Yes, it is very safe to leave the mac on like this. some people go weeks if not months before a restart. logging out/in helps clear ram, and actually leaving a Mac on overnight helps, as they run janitor programs in the middle of the night.
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    Each model used to have it's own chime, but since the original iMac, they've been pretty standardized. Which is sad, because the different chimes were cool, my favorite was the PowerMac 6100, it was a guitar chord...

    and Macs/OS X = designed to be left on all the time. Put it to sleep when you're not around. It's actually better for the equipment.
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    I just plug in some dummy headphone jacks from the parts dept. of Radio Shack.
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    redeye be

    On my mini the chime sounds through the internal speaker, no matter what is connected. I don't mind though, i rarely hear it.

    For those who want to hear them all
    a little app with lotsa chimes (and product info on macs).
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    Yup - why do you think that Apple put the power buttons on the back? Because people don't need to get at them on a daily basis. :D

    Incidentally, the cron (janitor) jobs referred to above won't run if your Mac is asleep at 3am. It has to be awake.
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    There is a way in 10.4 to change it to a Tiger's growl. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet. Mine has it now and it sounds really cool. Sometimes I restart just to hear it, or to impress other mac heads. There is a lot of hidden stuff under the hood in 10.4 if you know how to activate it.
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    So tell us :mad:
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    I think he's full of it. :p

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