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Apple Keyboard Dock for iPad. My Review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by 4DThinker, Jun 14, 2011.

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    With photos. Have a look. I picked one up to give it a full skakedown evaluation against the keyboard dock of the Asus Transformer. It's a better keyboard simply for having bigger keys than the Transformer's. Not quite as versatile though. Have a look. Feel free to comment here or there, good or bad. I can take it.

    Link: 4dthinker.blogspot.com

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    It's also not specifically designed for the ipad 2 - wobble wobble.
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    I agree, H00lingan. Although the sales clerk at Target assured me it would work with the iPad2 (and it does). I was a little concerned when I first connected the iPad with the dock, but found the back rested flat against the vertical support.

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    Does it stress the connector?
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    Doesn't appear to. I don't intend to pull the iPad forward, and the small amount of left-right tilt isn't enough to bother the connection made. Up is all that is left, and the iPad2 slid on and off with only the typical small resistance we expect using any dock cable.
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    I found it slightly difficult to connect. I had to be very careful everything was lined up and straight before I pushed hard enough to make the connection. My first iPhone had a tiny piece of plastic broken by a low market car charger because of just the same issue so I decided against purchasing this. Also, as was mentioned, the stand itself makes the keyboard so bulky it isn't really portable.
    Geek Squad in Best Buy let me open and try every option they had. I really like the Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg, but the keys are very small and it was a little difficult to get the iPad2 in and out of it. There is also the fact that the Magic Cover will have to be removed and I use it a lot.
    I purchased the Mac Wireless Keyboard and the Origami Keyboard cover/stand and am pretty happy with it. I'm still searching for other options while my 30 day return period is good.
    Does anyone have recommendations on an ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard, or one that folds closed?

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