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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dotdotdot, Mar 1, 2005.

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    OK, what is the point of having 2 USB ports on the Apple keyboards?

    I purchased one and could not be happier with it except this problem just came up today.

    I needed a USB port so I decided to try out the Apple keyboard's USB ports. It was a USB 1.1 device (wireless card reciever) so I plugged it in.

    Internet stopped.

    Windows gave me an alert that "USB Hub (Apple Keyboard) does not have enough power to power USB Linksys WUSB11"

    All I have plugged into it is a USB 1.1 Mouse...

    SO why would they put 2 USB 1.1 ports on the keyboard if it can only power ONE of them? Unless it is USB 1.0 - but that wouldn't even power a mouse, would it?
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    I plug in my shuffle and my mouse with no problems....
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    One reason

    One of our temps is left-handed: mouse goes in the other side of the keyboard.
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    The KB has almost no power at all to the USB ports. It can't power anything that takes more power than, say, a mouse or, apparently, a Shuffle. A wireless adapter sucks significant power. It isn't that the KB can only power one thing, it's that the total power is low.
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    For example, I use one port for the mouse and the other for my USB stick. No problems.
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    I have had a Digital Camera and a Mouse in there at the time, and it was fine. :)
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    It can be used for self-powered devices, e.g. when downloading pictures from a digital camera, or a mouse that doesn't need much power, but can't provide enough power for devices that need to be powered, like a wireless receiver.

    What bugs me about my setup (IBM T40p laptop connected to a Dell 17" LCD monitor with a 4 port USB hub) is that /all/ my USB sockets (laptop and monitor) are on the left, and I'm right handed, so my mouse lead has to run across in front of me - come on, give us righties a break!
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    You mean lefties, right?

    I am left handed, but I use my right hand to use the mouse. :cool:
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    I have a TurboMouse and a ShuttlePro plugged in to mine. The keyboard is designed for low powered devices.
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    That may be your problem ;)
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    Most likely not.
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    Its interesting I can plug in my Kingston 128mb key no problem but my 256mb key does not work
    I got that this device need more power than is available...message
    And since I am on a iMac G5 it really sucks moving the computer from the wall to plug the key in ...
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    i've noticed something weird with the kb. i have my mx510 plugged into the left port (right handed but a weirdish setup) and can plug my 128mb sandisk cruzer mini into the other one, but when i try my 256mb version of the same stick it says not enough power. what's up with that? im fine plugging it into my usb hub cause it's 2.0 but i'm still curious
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    lol I laughed at that...


    So, it can power a digital camera? what about an iPod that is a 3G so it does not charge - would that work?
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    is the apple keyboard USB 2.0, 1.1, or the slow 1.0?
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    An iPod can in theory sync but I don't think it would charge too well and if the iPod tried to run off the USB port's power it would fail.

    And its 1.1 so it would take a while for your songs to sync.
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    It depends. Most digital cameras will just use battery power when transferring images over USB, so they don't actually draw any power from the socket. Ones that draw power (the one I have does this) may cause problems.

    This is the same situation as the iPod Shuffle; it runs off its battery when using the keyboard port to transfer music/data.
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    No, I was being ironic - in that it's apparently hard for lefties to find suitable setups for just about everything, but my setup is perfect for those who use their left hands for the mouse.

    I /have/ been told that it's more productive to use the mouse with your nondominant hand, but I just can't make that switch.
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    Might you have a link to that? It would be interesting to read. :)
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    When i plug my shuffle in the USB on the KB it will sync music, but wont charge it, will your USB on your KB charge your shuffle?

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    I have an apple keyboard and the apple mouse is connected to it. However when i insert the ipod shuffle it also says that there is no power for the device and that i should connect it to the other usb ports. Can anyone help me to be able to transfer data from the shuffle to the imac and back.
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    Same... At first, I thought mine was a defective unit because it wasn't charging... Then I figured it out...

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