Apple Keychains - Anyone have any?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by baby duck monge, Apr 27, 2003.

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    baby duck monge

    i have 3 metal apple keychains (2 different designs) that i have gotten at various apple events. does anyone else have any that could post pics so i could see if there were some other designs? anyone know where i could find more? they're kinda neat, and i would be interested in getting a few more.
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    I have 1. It's in my utilities folder.

    Oh that was bad. :)
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    i have one of these on my keychain, it's getting a bit worn tho so i'm thinking of going towards this... damn thing looks like a blunt weapon tho :)

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    baby duck monge

    the second one you link to is exactly what i was talking about. in fact, that is the one i have two of. that is infinitely excellent. and apparently i have gotten a pretty sweet deal since all of mine have been free... :D
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    i probably have more apple mugs, tshirts, dvds, tapes, keychains, frisbess, posters, literature, mouse pads than i can think of. i even have some apple ballons in a bag from the 80's

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    they have a bunch of different styles at the store at the cupertino campus.

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