Apple laptops more than 70 percent of all Mac sales

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Tallest Skil

    I see one more revision... and then they'll kill the Mac Pro. Especially based on the recent comments about their sales... :(

    Next up, the rest of the desktops that don't use laptop parts...

    OH, WAIT.
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    Yup, it's a shame. And their laptop line is also very limited. And overpriced.
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    Nah, they can't kill the Mac Pro dudes.
    Don't forget the professional industry, which is a really big piece on Apple's pie.
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    And yet clearly working brilliantly for them: "This growth is more the result of Apple selling greater numbers of notebooks rather than cannibalization of its desktop market."

    "MacBook sales records were smashed with a surprising 1.8 million units sold in that quarter. That's more than twice the quarterly figures from 2006."

    Not so limited or overpriced, after all, with the market as judge.
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    From an economist's point of view, of course people are rational in their desire to buy the significantly more expensive Apple laptops. "They must be better" But ignore your economist side for a moment and you might realize that there are many other factors that may be irrational.
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    None that would explain a doubling of sales volume. People purchase based on perceived value, and it is not the case that typical consumers believe they are either limited or overcharged on their purchases.

    If they had unfulfilled needs or found better value elsewhere, they'd buy elsewhere. Simple fact is that the overall value is perfectly acceptable to the market and that significantly cheaper products are not comparable in overall value. For any number of reasons, retail price and basic specs form a poor metric of value.

    They don't have to be better than everything else, because such a statement implies universal superiority, which is quite rare in products. They simply have to have relevant features that equal the price for customers. Sales do not occur if that is not the case. "Significantly more expensive" is a conclusory and unfounded statement, given that objectively comparable Dells are in the same price ranges nearly all the time. Dell works for more people, and that's reflected in their higher market share, but Apple works for about 19% of US notebook customers, which is #3 and tremendously successful.

    What is happening is nothing more than your falling outside of the target market. The notebooks are clearly nowhere near overpriced from an objective standard. They may well not be a good value for your subjective desires and needs, but c'est la vie.
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    since the market as judge also decided that Microsoft Windows is the better OS by far more, i wouldn't be so keen on defending Apple's line up with _that_ argument
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    Rodimus Prime

    I think that speaks volumes about people opinions of apple desktops.

    Consumer grade desktops are nothing more than a desktop version of a laptop. It has the worse of both worlds.

    It has the very limited updatability like a laptop (nothing more than ram)
    and the non portability of a desktop.
    Cost wise the desktops cost about the same as a laptop.

    Show what do people do when face the choice. They say screw the desktop if they are going to suffer the limitation of a laptop it might as well be portable.
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    Apple will never ever kill the pro Macs.

    The profit margins are much larger, espically if they're CTO. (Have you seen Apples RAM/HD prices? YIKES. :eek:)
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    Apple will not stop making MacPros. The professional market is still important to them.

    What we are seeing, is expanded growth in the laptop market.

    I believe part of the issue is how computers, desktop or laptop, are slowly becoming commodities like your typical household appliance. Except for gamers and professionals who need the power, an iMac or laptop is plenty of power these days for most uses. There simply is no compelling reason to get a Mac Pro if you are a typical average user.
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    But it has the bigger screen.. 20" vs 13" makes a huge difference when the price is the same.

    Still, I would go with a laptop because I want to use Ableton Live, and portability is needed in that case.
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    No, the market didn't decide that, hence the still ongoing antitrust violations against Microsoft.

    There's nothing actually wrong with Windows. It works well enough for most people.
    Not really, considering that there hasn't been a drop off in desktop sales. While other vendors are seeing fewer desktops sold and more notebooks (typically little net growth), Apple is seeing roughly constant iMac sales and surging notebook sales (considerable net growth).
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    Oh ha!

    Yes, originally Apple was about them...
    But now its changed- the 17" integrated battery. :(
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    I expect this to be the trend in computer sales from all companies. People love just having the option of portablility. Also consider that any decent laptop will serve the needs of most consumers anyway. Laptop sales compared to desktops will continue to rise until it gets to the point where only those who actually need a desktop will be getting one.
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    Digital Skunk

    I think this is what's making Apple stick to laptop parts in the iMac, that and thinness.

    And I agree wholeheartedly. Web browsing and many other average tasks are handled perfectly by laptops now. Leaving desktops only as large home storage devices or for those that just need the extra power.
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    Hopefully this will bring about a better emphasis in the industry of software. Yes specs will have to keep going up, but (at the risk of sounding like BG) I cant see most people needing much more than 4GB of RAM and the specs that come (usually) matched with it anytime soon.

    I'm sure we will at some point, probably when web 3.0 (cant imagine what itll be) comes around.
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    Only because they refuse to

    1. Update the Mini


    2. Have a lower priced Pro version (I do not need Xenon)

    Apple no longer innovates unless you count cases as a source of innovation
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    Tallest Skil

    They don't make their own hardware, you know.

    They innovate with software and design.
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    There's no doubt in my mind that Apple will continue to produce and sell the Mac Pro. To conclude from the figures in the original article that it would be discontinued is foolhardy, to be frank.

    Have Apple been slack in meeting the desktop market's expectations? Probably. And have they put at least 70% of their Mac efforts into developing and marketing their laptop products? It certainly appears that way.

    So they are simply reaping the benefits of their efforts.
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    This really doesn't surprise me at all. It seems to me that the majority of people (note that i did not say all) buy a mac as a "fashion" item and it's hard to look fashionable lugging your desktop to Starbucks for an $8 cup of coffee. LOL

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