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Apple Launches Business App Store for Volume iOS App Purchases

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Last week, Apple announced that it would be debuting a new volume purchasing program to allow businesses to purchase iOS in volume and distribute them within their organizations.

    As noted by The Loop and in a brief announcement on Apple's site, the program has now gone live.
    The program supports not only standard App Store releases but also custom B2B apps. Apps custom-built for a company by outside developers or other businesses can be purchased privately through the new volume purchasing program.

    Full details on how to participate in the program are available in a guide for businesses (PDF).

    Article Link: Apple Launches Business App Store for Volume iOS App Purchases
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    So is this just for business, or is it anybody buying in large quantities? I'm getting misguided senses as I read the article over and over...
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    Good, trying to get my dad's business slowly switch over to all apple:apple:
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    Just for business.

    The small part of this news is that companies can buy "stock" Apps for businesses, say a Financial Dash Board App, with a price break for large purchases. I understand there is a minimum price level and different qualifications to list your Business App.

    The big part is that developers can now interface with businesses and offer customized "spins" of an application. So if I do a "Visual Part Ordering App" for automobile companies -- I could have a special version for "Ford", "GM", "Toyota", etc. Or I could do a different version of the above financial App for any customer that wants to pay for it.

    This dovetails with the existing corporate iOS App distribution and provisioning tools, so Companies with large iPhone/iPad deployments can manage devices and Apps more efficiently.

    Yeah, it's big news for both large enterprise customers and for business App developers.

    HP and RIM are going to have a fight on their hands to keep control of the mobile corporate market.
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    Create a Sole Proprietorship or LLC.
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    about time really, but better late than never

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