Apple Launches 'Get Stuff Done' Promotion for Mac App Store

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Apple today began a new 'Get Stuff Done' promotional sale, offering discounts on several popular productivity apps.

    The sale, which will take place over three weeks, features three categories: Prioritize, Organize, and Utilize. This week's category is Prioritize, and features list making apps like Clear and Things at a deep discount. Here's a full list along with prices:

    -Clear: $6.99 down from $9.99 [Direct Link]
    -Things: $24.99 down from $49.99 [Direct Link]
    -2Do: $14.99 down from $29.99 [Direct Link]
    -Due: $4.99 down from $9.99 [Direct Link]
    -Todo: $6.99 down from $14.99 [Direct Link]
    -TaskPaper: $11.99 down from $24.99 [Direct Link]
    -The Hit List: $24.99 down from $49.99 [Direct Link]
    -BreakTime: $2.99 down from $4.99 [Direct Link]

    The sale on these apps will last from January 24 to January 31. Next week, Apple will feature a new set of apps for sale.

    Article Link: Apple Launches 'Get Stuff Done' Promotion for Mac App Store
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    so apples saying there own reminders, calender and notes app wont cut it? Lol
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    Ok, but....

    ....will the preceding weeks' sale prices stay up as the remaining weeks' deals are revealed? Also, what if some of the apps in each of the three categories go together? How does a user know in advance if there's a "suite" of apps they should get that work well in a three-app sequence better than other combos???
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    How about discounting the iWork suit...
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    I'm about to buy a copy of FCPX to Get Stuff Done. Can I get a 50% discount on that? :D
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    Or, maybe they're saying "our default Apps are pretty good, but if you really want to take one of them to the next level, take a look at these".

    Apple can't do everything, (I'm sure they would love to...) but if they did, iOS wouldn't ship every year.
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    Perhaps with a sale they'll compete better with Omnifocus (not on sale BTW).
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    It seems skeuomorphism still alive and kicking.
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    It does not look like these sales will last longer than one week, so they won't stay on sale when next week's deals appear. Things' app description says the sale ends January 31, as do the app descriptions of some of the other apps on sale.
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    Of course not! That actually sells!
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    Jessica Lares

    I remember getting The Hit List with MacHeist a loooong time ago. Pretty good, but I've now replaced it with Firetask, which I got at last year's MacHeist. :D I find it to be a lot nicer, and it has an iPad app, unlike THL.

    Looking forward to next week's Organize sale. :D
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    You already gave Apple your money when you bought their product. Now you should buy theses apps so Apple can take their 30% profit.
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    Well, not explicitly.

    I think it is good, though, that apps like these exist at all, and the old thing about "no duplicating existing functionality" has been dropped.

    Especially from Apple, historically keen on intentionally limiting features for the sake of simplicity.


    Well, FCP 7 was sold at $1000. FCP X is sold for $300.

    That's a pretty big discount right there, especially considering all of the new features added.
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    reminders is truly embarrassing. 2do rocks on the iphone, and it might be worth $15 for the mac... still pricy, but it's that good, and reminders is that bad.
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    Nah, they're just saying, "buy some apps so that you can do more stuff! Doesn't matter if they're our apps or not, we make money either way!" :p
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    ToDo purchased!
  17. NMF
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    A "GTD" promotion without OmniFocus? Maybe Apple really is slipping...
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    I know, ugh! And looks like it's getting worse.
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    That'd be cool, but it's already priced far below the competition and is selling really well, why would they?

    I'm with ya though, I'd love a discount on iWork, and perhaps a new version too!
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    Don't you just love selling your stuff in a store where the owner periodically shoves your product out of the way? Sure is tons of fun when Apple picks the winners.
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    How is that different than ANY OTHER retail environment?

    If you sell a product in a brick and mortar store, there will still be sales, displays, items marked 'best seller' and probably even displays setup with certain products, while other products remain on the shelves, perhaps even covered in dust and behind a pallet jack!

    I can't think of any online software store that doesn't do these same sorts of things. What good is it to a customer if the software store just throws all the apps in there willy nilly. Customers want ratings, they want to know what sells well, and they want occasional promotions like this where certain apps are highlighted.

    Apple is no different here than any other retail environment.
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    This get stuff done design looks absolutely atrocious. Who is signing off on this stuff?
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    Thats a hell of a deal for Things. One of the best designed and functional apps I've ever used.
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    Users here are never happy. Apple always promoted third party app, you have choice.
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    Apple Broke GTD

    Apple broke GTD apps by removing the reminders from Calendar. I used to love Things and used the quick entry into iCal from iStat Menus. This is now broken with 10.8.

    An usual Apple trick introduce new "features" and deprecating and removing useful ones.

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