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Apple Launches International Black Friday Sales

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 22, 2012.

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    Apple has launched its one day Black Friday sales in Australia and New Zealand. The discounts available are for the following products:

    - iPad with Retina Display. A$ 41.00 Off
    - iPad 2. A$ 31 Off
    - iPod touch. A$ 31 Off
    - iPod touch 4th Generation. A$ 25 Off
    - iPod nano. A$ 11 Off
    - MacBook Pro with Retina Display. A$ 105 Off
    - MacBook Pro. A$105 Off
    - MacBook Air. A$105 Off
    - Various Accessories

    Discounts should be comparable for U.S. customers and on the exact same products. Apple's U.S. sale should kick off around midnight tonight on Apple's online store. Both Best Buy and MacMall seem to have deeper discounts on select products in their base configuration.

    Article Link: Apple Launches International Black Friday Sales
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    Not bad. Not any better than the Education discount and corporate discounts.
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    How come no iPad Mini? :(
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    The usual 5 - 10 percent massive discount.
  5. zin
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    Modest indeed.
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    Which "Various Accessories" is cheaper right now?
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    Meh. Pathetic/pointless discounts yet again. Apple have never actually had a real sale.
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    Something is better than nothing. :D
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    Why bother to discount their newest and most sought after product that they can't even keep in stock? Not a smart move on their part if they discounted that one.


    They don't have to. People still buy their products like crazy. They don't really have to have a big sale to bring people in. They aren't competing with the likes of Walmart or Target where they have direct competition.
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    The discounts are deeper at Best Buy and Mac Mall etc but you pretty much have to go for standard configs there.

    If you purchase through the Apple store you can add the discount to a custom config MBPr which is what I'll be doing.

    One way of looking at it is essentially getting a 'free' speed bump on a MBPr 15" 2.3 to 2.6 or a 50% discount on RAM upgrade, going to 16GB from 8GB.
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    Ugh no black friday deals in Japan. Retail in Japan is terrible, Apple compared to the rest of Apple retail around the world but mostly retail as a whole here
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    FFS either macrumors is now dominated by senior citizens or really b****y crows...some people will complain about EVERYTHING..
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    Thought about buying an iPod touch from Best Buy tomorrow, but there's no guarantee they'll be in stock (and I really don't want to deal with the crowds), so I'll definitely be ordering one from Apple tomorrow. I was planning on buying one anyway, and it's always nice to save a few bucks. :)
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    Lol did u just sign up to MR forums to post that?
  15. RMo
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    Yes, it is: they don't offer educational discounts on iDevices anymore, for example.
  16. arn
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    but you get Lucky Bags!

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    Some of us don't even have an apple store, not even an online store, not even an iTunes store :(
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    Lol yeh ...I've been a reader for some time now but of late I see lots of nagging ..I only look at comments to read some valid opinions... Which are as rare as dinasour pubes these days :p
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    still no imac :eek:
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    When they announced the new iMac last month I was planning on buying it on Black Friday =\
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    anyone who bought a ipad 4 with the last two weeks return it asap and get it from best buy! 60 bucks off! great savings......the only thing is that they only have the 16gb wifi white, all the other white configurations are not on sale! best buy has only online orders for the savings on the iPad

    if u want to pick it up you can get it at target for 499 w a $ 60 gift card

    on a side note does anyone think you can get it at the store and ask them to price match the site? even though it says 'online only" lol
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    yeah it doesn't include LTE versions so it's a no-go for me.

    does this Apple black friday sale include LTE versions?
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    True Arn but we cant return stuff that we buy from Apple online in store. And we don't get to make reservations for an ipad mini for in store pickup.

    But I am curious to know if Black Friday actually exists in AU or NZ?
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    They're not as bad as certain Fashion labels. Louis Vuitton burn their left over stock so that it can't be sold off cheap.

    Though apple aren't amazing at sales. I was hoping the education discount and sale price would stack and then I might have been tempted. Still will probably pick up some iTunes cards as I frequently buy from there so some free money is always welcome:)

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