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Apple Launches New 'Maps' App in iOS 6, Includes Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Real-Time Traffic, 3D Maps

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Apple today introduced a new Maps application in iOS 6 that will replace Google Maps as the default mapping application on the iPhone and iPad. It was designed by Apple from the ground up with all cartography done in-house.


    Included in Maps are turn-by-turn directions that work with Siri, local search with 100 million business listings from around the world, Yelp integration, a free crowd-sourced traffic service, and 3D mapping with a Google Earth-like feature called 'Flyover'.




    Maps will ship with iOS 6 later this fall.

    Article Link: Apple Launches New 'Maps' App in iOS 6, Includes Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Real-Time Traffic, 3D Maps
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    I am curious to know if they stuck with Waze for the traffic crowd sourcing.
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    I assume, but didn't hear anything, that you can use this without having a wireless connection like you can with every other GPS app?

    That was the one downside of Google Maps, was the necessity of having a decent signal.
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    I wonder if the "Do Not Disturb" feature works with iMessage also.


    I do not think Map data is stored on the phone, so, yes, you will need to have an internet connection. I wonder if you can pre-cache map.
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    Pre-caching would be nice, but still doesn't address the issue of a wrong turn.
  6. CJM
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    Who wants to bet that support for this outside America is going to be awful?
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    I think Google has addressed this last week on their map improvement announcement (being able to download sections of map).

    That is definitely something Apple needs to do before I completely replace Navigon with their app.
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    Been waiting for this for some time. Let us see how good it is on the iPhone 4. Hopefully you can take it offline.
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    I'm more than a little annoyed that the iPhone 3GS gets this update, but my iPad1 doesn't.
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    the new Maps app looks very good! :)
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    Bye bye Waze
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    Judging by the Keynote, support for this outside of San Francisco is probably going to be awful.
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    would be surprised if it isnt pretty bad from the get go
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    Rather pleased by this update, am wondering if we will see Siri on the iPad 3 though.
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    Siri is looking Good;)
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    I'm sadly betting since the Turm by turn uses Siri, that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS will be left out of the loop here. I'm betting 4S and e new iPhone in the fall will have the turn by turn available :(
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    Yep, ipad 3 gets it:) but the awesome classic iPad 2 doesn't :(

    For now;)
  18. bushido, Jun 11, 2012
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    pathetic update in my opinion, i know i'll get downvoted for that but i'll give you my reason.

    all those "incredible" new features are just partnerships with other big companies and thats not what apple used to stand for. such a sell out :(

    Yelp Yelp Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, did i mention Yelp? and Airlines
    ... SAD

    it shows with those new siri commands "where does the movie xy play?" "heres a list of theaters ... by YELP" seriously, thats what they could come up with after all those months? how about implementing something thats actually useful to the USER like lets say "siri turn off wifi"

    those features are also too focused on the US because you guessed it those "partnerships" and omg a "wallet app" like there arent tons like this already at the app store

    and still no notification center api for the devs .... the not center looks just SAD and empty on the iPad.

    this whole thing reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: "you are a customer and you can connect with people" which translates to "you are our product and we sell you to other companies"

    those new features (id rather call them "improvements") on iOS6 are simply a platform to "sell" and just wrapped around and covered up nicely (again, a "like button" at the appstore proves this)
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    I believe they announced that we will.
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    You're correct. From the fine print here: http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/maps/ "Some features may not be available in all countries or all areas. Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. Cellular data charges may apply.
    Siri will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad (3rd generation) and requires Internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or all areas, and features may vary by area. Cellular data charges may apply."
  21. zin
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    If you check the iOS 6 preview page on the Apple website, there is a Siri section, and it shows Siri working on the third generation iPad, with the Siri dialogue appearing to the right.
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    3D view = Swedish software at its finest :)
    (C3 that built the technology was a swedish spinoff from the swedish defence contractor Saab if I remember correctly)
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    What gps mapping apps can you use without a wireless connection? All the GPS apps I know require a signal.
    GPS doesn't work without a signal right? :confused:
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    I am frankly astonished that the 3GS got this update. Thanks Apple! :)

    Look at the detail on the new maps though. It's amazing! Not at all sorry to see google maps go after I saw that. Very happy about the built in turn by turn navigation.
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    True, from the Apple website: Some features may not be available in all countries or all areas. Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. Cellular data charges may apply.

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