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Apple Loan and Apple (retail) store policy

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Ramsos, Aug 22, 2003.

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    I recently was approved for an Apple instant Education Loan, and I plan on buying a new Powerbook when they are released. My question is this does anyone here know the apple (retail) store policy on paying partially in cash and the rest with my apple loan, to make a purchase that my loan will not cover. I asked the people a 1 800 my apple about it and they said with the online store will only accept one form of payment and you can't add any money to it from another source, and that I should go to and apple retail store because I may be able to do that there. So does anyone have any experience with this situation. Any info would be appreciated. -RAM:confused:
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    You can pay with two different payment types at the Apple stores.

    I had to do it with a dual 1.42 and a couple of 23" displays I was about 400 bucks short and I was able to put the difference on a credit card. That was here is CA but that shouldn't make a diff.
    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks gello2424 I am also in California thats what Coo Coo Cali means. Btw when you said you were about 400 bucks short did you mean that you had an apple loan that was short. I don't mean to pry I just wanted to make sure since this is my current situation. Thanks again.-Ram
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    yeah you can do whatever, pay with credit or cash, and how much ever is left they will just enter into the apple loan machine. simple as that. then there is no penalty for pre payment.

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    iJon your the man I was hoping you would reply thanks a million.
    Btw this might be a stupid question but can I still get education pricing in the retail stores?-Ram
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    apple retail stores i believe you can, indendent resellers cant.

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    MBNA is like the third reich. Watch out.
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    Its cool this is my second apple loan the first one was for my Tibook 400 which was $3100.00 and is now worth about 900 to 1000 bucks. I paid off my last loan ahead of time so I'm not worried but thanks for the warning anyway.
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    i have learned for them to be only a problem if you dont make your payments on time.

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    I have not had any problems with MBNA. However they do like to send statements even after you have paid off your loan. I still get statements for a loan that was paid off about 5 months ago. Total shows nothing owed so I don't mind throwing the statement away once a month.

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