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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by abijnk, Feb 12, 2008.

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    I have seen threads on the forums where people mention that you can find stickers that will go over the illuminated apple to change the color (not the one where you take the screen apart) and I have seen several people mention that you can find them on ebay. However, I have had absolutely NO luck finding these things on ebay. I am not a very good searcher, so I thought I would just ask if someone knows where I can get one at.

    Incase my description wasn't clear, I am wanting the classic logo like in the ars technica review.


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    I don't want to void my warranty, which is why I said not the ones where you take the screen apart. I am looking for translucent stickers.

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    Yea, a sticker would be ideal, but those icolors things cant be to hard to install.
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    It would have to be an external sticker. There is no question of voiding your warranty. You can't open the display module on the MacBook Air. It is a single unit.
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    Those iColors insert look AWESOME but I'm not taking any chances with my brand new LED backlit LCD. I'm not sure how much more fragile or finicky they are to the regular LCD's on MBP or MB.

    You might be able to find a promo vender who will do custom static stickers to do them. Of course, then you'd have to buy a bunch and wouldn't be able to sell them if you used the Apple logo on them....
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    I like the blue one but I don't think I am up for the challenge. Looks like they have a difficulty description on the install.
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    You cannot install these on the MacBook Air. The entire display module is built as a single unit. It is not like the MacBook or MacBook Pro. There is no way for anyone - Mac "Genius" or otherwise to install this product for you or otherwise disassemble the dispay module.
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    Google: Apple logo decal ?????????? I just bought some stickers.
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    Hm, I don't think anyone understood me. :) I do NOT want to use the icolours thing, I do NOT want to take my screen apart, I actually said this in the original post. :D

    Anyways, I found my answer after some hefty searching, apparently the best thing for this is to find the old stickers that were put in mac packaging. Just like we get now only the rainbow instead of the white. My question was what could I use instead of the icolours so I didn't have to void my warranty and where could I find it. So, I've ordered some of those older stickers from ebay.

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    I know what your looking for i had bought one on ebay,the only problem is its hard to get the sticker right.. I will see if i can find one and post a link
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    Step Dad

    The trick for that is wet the site with a spray bottle and moves the sticker to where you want it and then let it sit for 24 hours..... Sign makers trick, my step dad used to do vynil signs and neon
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    Spray Bottle + MBA = :(

    I've found a couple of the old school Apple Stickers on eBay but that's about it. I think I'm going to save my money though.
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    you spray the sticker not the laptop, sorry I wasn't clear on that =]
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    I just got an retro looking apple-logo sticker from that is pretty easy to add and remove, its static so no glue and stuff, pretty cool i think.. check it out at, got an black one as well, looking very ipadish =)

    edit: oh, pretty old post i see now =) well well, maybe youll aldready found what you where looking for =)
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    Hey, how do you like it? I was gonna pick a couple of those up for my MBA but was unsure of how the quality was.
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    I ordered the vintage Apple logo sticker several months ago for my MacBook Pro 13 inch. You should try Etsy, which is where I ordered mine from. I would give you the exact link if I could find it.

    I actually have this photo of it that I took for a friend who asked me to take one of these gadgets for some project he was doing:

    It was just a sticker that I applied over the case. It was simple to apply, but you just have to make sure you apply it exactly right so that you don't have the white show through on the edges. I ended up removing it a couple of months later, because I missed having the simple white logo. There was no residue, but it was just a little bit difficult to lift the edges because it was stuck to it really well.

    I also received a red one for free when this one arrived. I have yet to use that one though.
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    Everything but the Classic.
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