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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by tech4all, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Ok why is that when I press, SHIFT + OPTION + K, in the area where I am typing this post the Apple logo appears ok. But when you preview and submit the post you get a "?".

    Should be Apple logo --> ?
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    ...Very cool.
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    You mean this?
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    vBulletin, as it's set up here, doesn't support encoding of strange special characters like the Apple logo. So the database just replaces the characters with a question mark.
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    If you give me $637.43, I'll tell you how I did it.
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    Look, rufus, there's a man with a magic box! By golly, that right there must be the specialest thing I ever did see. Yessiree, go get ma, pa, and little Suzy Anne, we're lookin' at a miracle here!
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    Interesting.. Please do explain Dr Q.
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    I know in Windows for Apple Garamond and Baskerville (just to name a few), the code that appears in Character Map is U+F8FF.
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    I have a guess...

    Show source is your friend.

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    The Unicode code for the Apple symbol is 63743 (the dollar and cents number in my post - get it? :) ), so if you type  in your post, it'll come out as a .

    This will work if you then click the Submit Reply button. However, if you click the Preview Post button, the  will turn into an symbol in the Preview display, and you must then change the back into  before you click Submit Reply, or it will come out as a question mark.

    I had to do this a few times myself while previewing this post to make sure it came out right!

    You can find the codes for this and other characters, such as or , in The HTML Document Character Set.
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    To this day I don't know what the symbol after the command symbol means.
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    It's "OPTION" or "ALT".
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    If you mean , it's the symbol for the option key. Why? I've always wondered. It doesn't look like an option to me. On the other hand, what does an option look like? Maybe the symbol [] could have been used, since square brackets often mean optional in extended BNF and other syntax notations. But it's no use second guessing. Apple chose and that's what we get.

    If you are using Safari, look in the menus and you'll see the symbol used (along with for menu choices like Bookmarks->Show All Bookmarks. At least for the symbol is on the keytop so you won't have trouble remembering which key it refers to!
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    But I can't get it to work...too bad for me.
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    What did you try and what happened when you tried it?
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    My post above didn't come out right, so I'll try again.

    The Unicode code for the Apple symbol is 63743, so if you type this sequence:

    & # 6 3 7 4 3 ;

    it should come out as a .
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    ⌥ looks like a 'switch' or an 'option' :)
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    i deff. need to look at this again when i'm home from work on my mac... right now all of the special characters show up as a blank box... making the entire thread that much more amusing...
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    I'm still not following this... I just can't get it...

    Can this be used on all sites? And it's only viewable by people with Macs?

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    Any web page on any web site can use HTML containing the 8-character sequence & # 6 3 7 4 3 ; (but without the intervening spaces) to specify the Apple logo symbol. Whether it displays properly in a particular user's web browser does not depend on the platform, but it does depend on (1) whether that web browser understands Unicode (most do these days) and (2) whether that system has a font available that contains that particular glyph (which means the shape of the Apple logo symbol).
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    OMG, you don't have a Mac? You know that without a Mac, you can only see like 15% of what gets posted, right? We usually write in Mac-only fonts; on a Windows machine it doesn't appear at all.

    There are thousands of threads you can't even see to click on, man! Quick! Run out and buy up an iMac for godssakes!
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    "The Emperor's New Threads"?
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    Thanks! I've been looking for a complete set for a while now... :)

    PS! Why is this in the Community forum and not Web Design?

    , man... ;)
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    LMFAO! Thats great, glad I can see all of those 'special threads', they ALWAYS have THE BEST content and insider news :p

    Thanks for the know-how Dr. Q, fun stuff 

    Wanted to try another: þ
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    I'm assuming this works not only for 8-char but also for 5/6 char as well correct?


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