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Apple logo stimulating brain

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by brent0saurus, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Another study showing that the Apple logo boosts creativity. :)

    I guess advertising does shape public perception. Personally, the only advertisement that made me decide to buy something was the Skittles singing rabbit.
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    i'm going to buy some skittles right now
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    Kamera RAWr

    I would think researchers at Duke University would have more important things to research than this... :rolleyes:

    For some reason I'm reminded of the scene in "Baby Boom" where Diane Keaton was at a class with her adopted/inherited baby showing pics of different things and whatnot.
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    Doctor Q

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    oh cool, thanks. just posted it.
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    That was kinda of interesting.

    It makes since though.
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    placebo effect anyone? if this happens to be true which i doubt to begin with lol
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    ppl saw disney logo behave more honestly than those who saw E! logo.........
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    Okay. According to that study I should look at the Apple logo when I'm about to paint and look at the IBM logo when I'm about to do my taxes. :rolleyes:
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    that's pretty cool. i mean, it doesn't really mean a whole lot, to me anyway, but it's a cool statistic. i've been surrounded by the apple logo a lot in the last 3 years or so, but i'm still not all that creative
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    You've gotta sleep with it under your pillow ;)
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    Clearly, you have no idea what this is.
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    Sounds like the study that was already discussed in another thread: Link

    I still don't buy it.

    The NPR article curiously leaves out the one of the study's major characteristics: the Apple logo was only displayed in a subliminal fashion, i.e. below the threshold of consciousness, despite the fact the study after study have disproved this premise.

    (Also note that the MacBytes description is misleading, in that this was not a study sponsored or supported by NPR.)
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    Gasu E.

    That's surprising. I mean, the Playboy logo stimulates MY brain; I don't get the Apple logo.
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    Yea, actually the Playboy logo stimulates my brain in creative ways that the Apple logo can only dream of! And the IBM logo? It's still at work in a cubicle doing my taxes.
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    How businesses affect our daily lives is very important, they are everywhere and are designed to stimulate our brains at the sub-conscious level. I'm not sure how you could possibly say its not important.
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    Reread "The Hidden Persuader" by the late Vance Packard.

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