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Apple Logos

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by NWAMacTech, Jul 14, 2005.

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    I need some very high res apple logo's. I found a website a couple years ago that had them but I cant seem to find it now. I am really specificaly looking for the red aqua logo but all others will be greatly appriciated. This will be printed about 4 feet wide and tall so any graphics gurus know what I need.

    email:NWAMacTech@mac.com or post here,but i imagine them being too big.
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    All i can offer you in the way of help is that <option shift k> gives you the plain apple logo. I would like to see these colored logos too.
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    Hope this is high-res enough :) I made it myself:

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    Thank's, thats great and I think it will work perfectly. Did you draw that yourself? If so can you post instructions on how to do that?
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    Well, I didn't draw the Apple's shape myself, but I did do the shine.

    I just created a new text item in Photoshop, then pressed Option-Shift-K, which is a Mac-only keycode for producing the Apple logo.

    After that, I did a little magic with gradients, strokes, and inner glows and viola!
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    How did you do that? I've done that - and just tried it - and all I get is a "?".
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    Make sure your font is set to Lucida Grande, Charcoal, or Chicago.
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    Ah yes, thanks! Why does it only work with those fonts? Just some mystery? :)
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    Doctor Q

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    Fonts contain the characters chosen by the font designer. The fonts created by and used by Apple have the characters they wanted/needed.
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    It probably has something to do with the fact that those fonts at some point have been the operating system's default:

    System 1 through 7.5.3 = Chicago
    System 7.6 through 9.2.2 = Charcoal
    Mac OS X Public Beta - Mac OS X Tiger = Lucida Grande
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    Thanks, iindigo and Doctor Q.
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    There you go, a viola is the secret ingredient! That's music to my ears... ;)
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    wow, ya learn something every day at MR; I had no idea about that Apple in a font trick (for lack of a better way to put it)
    thanks so much for that tip, that will help me out too :)

    and good job with the big red apple!
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    Blue, please!

    iindigo, Please post a blue version of that logo (or just the PSD file). You're awesome!
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    well im not iindigo but...

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    wow both of those apples look professional...awesome work guys...look ican do it too....:apple: :D
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    It's been quite a long time since I posted the red Apple logo, and my skills have somewhat improved since then. Because of this, I've recreated the logo. Here's the aqua/blue variation:

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    my rendition of a classic.
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    I like, its like modern meets classic :cool:
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    though the original rainbow logo, didnt have a smooth gradient, nor did it have all those colors.

    but w/e, its a quick PS job.
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    Here is something a little more authentic:


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    i was going for a new take on an old classic.

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    you can also download logos and such from the pr section at apple.com


    or maybe not, i just looked through there. i could have sworn there used to be logos. but in any case, lots of nice high-res images of products.
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    DATES of logo creation


    Does somebody know the dates of creation of those different apple logos

    1 - The "Newton" Logo > Drawn by Ron Wayne in 1975
    see it here : http://www.fizbang.com/i/apple/newton.jpg

    2 - The rainbowed version > Drawn by Rob Janov . McKenna in 1977

    3 - The monochromatic > Drawn by ????? in ?????

    4 - The shiny last version of the logo > Drawn by ????? in ?????

    If somebody can help me, you are welcome...

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