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Apple Mac mini: A Tiny, Power-Sipping Mac

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 11, 2008.

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    A little late on the review there PC Mag. It needs an update already. :rolleyes:

    I might trade in my laptop for a Santa Rosa Mac mini.
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    Yea, where's the 802.11n already!? Bluetooth 2.1 also please.

    Faster FireWire like 3200 would be a real treat...
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    I'm glad this review makes a nod to energy efficiency in computing. Kudos to them.
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    Maybe they'll give away free sharks with frickin' lasers, too.

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    yeah, this review is late. and a Santa Rosa Mini would be great, but i don't know if i'd trade in my laptop (referring to your santa rosa macbook, i'm assuming)?
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    You are correct. I love taking my laptop around though. I'm taking it for a presentation tomorrow at my Mac User Group. :mad:
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    I think PCMag's overstating the energy benefits. The Mac Mini eats up 110W at max speed - add a 20-inch Cinema Display and we're talking 175W, which isn't that much lower than the 200W used by a 20-inch aluminum iMac.

    Furthermore, I'm guessing all Apple laptops use less juice than the Mac Mini - doesn't the Macbook run on 60W? (I'm basing this off the adapter rating.)
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    Well as you said, 110W is the maximum. Most of the time it won't touch that rating (I'm assuming).

    One thing I don't understand is how 1 GB standard is listed as a con. Sure in the high-end 20" and 24" iMac, 2 GB standard makes a lot of sense, but in this tiny computer that is likely to be barely pushed, no way. Keep the price down and only offer 1 GB as standard for now. Maybe get rid of the Combo/ SuperDrive split (it's not the year 2002 anymore ;)), and have 1 GB/ 2 GB (as well as the processor) as the split if necessary.

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