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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 22, 2009.

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    This review says that the mouse isn't compatible with other computers other than the new iMacs, I thought that once you plugged the mouse in and launched Software Update there would be a download that would allow you to enable all of the nice features of the device. Can anybody confirm or deny this? I plan on buying one of these once my campus store gets them in stock, but if it isn't compatible with my late-2007 white MacBook then I would be disappointed.
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    Mac Compatible

    According to Apple, the system requirements are:
    * Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer
    * Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0
    * Existing keyboard and mouse for setup

    Hope this helps.
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    The article says:

    "So far the Magic Mouse is only compatible with the iMacs that they ship with, but will get broad support soon."
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    The user manual mentions an update to .6 so I assume it is then that you will be able to use it. As it shipped with the manual, we can expect that soon. Somewhere else I read Apple said it would be usable for computers 05 and newer, if memory serves me correctly..
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    Yes, but I was under the impression that all that was needed to get the mouse working with a computer like mine was the mouse software download, i.e. this mouse would be able to fully work if I bought it right now and sync it with my computer.
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    look into it for yourself. maybe perhaps... on the main page
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    Who in their right mind hates the Mighty Mouse? I absolutely love it! My progression of mouses has been...

    ... nondescript mouses from older computers...
    then the Apple Puck, which I hated.
    then a few different track balls, some I liked, some I didn't.
    then the Mighty Mouse, OMG, best mouse ever! I love it!

    I can understand some people might prefer other mouses, but that anyone would go as far as saying they hate the Mighty Mouse seems absurd.
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    I like the Mighty Mouse. I like everything about it exept the stupid track ball. When I first got it the thing wouldn't scroll left and still wont. And no matter how much I wash my hands before I use it. It still gets clogged up after a few weeks. Other then that I love the thing. The clicks are quiet. It feels great in my small hands and it IS the best mouse ever, besides the track ball. This new mouse to me, sounds AND looks like the best mouse ever made. But I will try it first before calling that my finally opinion! =D
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    Just to let people know. I'm not supposed to do this but.

    The Magic Mouse can be used on other Macs without a multi-touch trackpad.

    From my Mac Pro System prefs. in 10.6.2

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    i was going to buy this mouse so headed over to the apple store all excited

    tried it and i HATE the thing

    so uncomfortable in my hand and caused my wrist to strain. how in the world did apple design this thing?

    the scrolling was not as smooth as id hoped and just a VERY dissapointing experience using the thing

    ill stick to companies that know how to design mice

    why i keep thinking apple can, i have no idea......i mean the hockey puck, the pill, the mighty mouse and now this? none have been good
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    After 4 day's I have a few complaints...

    • The tracking is way to low (even when set to max)
    • I miss buttons 3 and 4 (Expose and Dashboard for me)
    • The battery seems to be going fast (at 88% after 4 days)
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    Magic mouse requires batteries. And batteries die. Lose on my books.

    That's why I still use wired mice, and always will, as long as they still make them and I have one on hand. And as long as my keyboard still has a USB port.

    This is the mouse I am using right now. Cheap, it works great, it's a Laser Mouse, and it fits my hand perfectly:

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    This is the Logitech M500 USB mouse, the successor to the much-beloved MX500 mouse that I'm using right now:


    Indeed, for a number of years the MX500 was a very popular third-party product at the online Apple Store itself. :)
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    Haven't gotten mine yet, I'm waiting for my campus computer store to get them first, but from what I've seen in other videos it isn't that hard, it looks like he missed the blatantly obvious grey tabs that you use to pull the tape.
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    Yah, i thought about getting it, but, i tried it and its no good. Too small. Its very uncomfortable how much i had to curl my fingers to use it and how i had to grip it with my thumb and pinky finger. They failed big time by trying to make it look cool instead of ergonomic.
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    I've been using my magic mouse for a few days and I love it.

    While I miss the middle click and side buttons, the mouse is actually WAY more ergonomic than the mighty mouse, with much better scrolling. Also, it seems to be a little more precise to me.

    I hate spending $70 on a mouse but I did on the vastly inferior wireless mighty mouse so oh well.
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    You gotta love that mouse

    Got my Magic Mouse 2 days ago, I LOVE IT with my Macbook Pro. Everything is if they'd come up with a wired version to just keep at home. It is the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Rodimus Prime


    Pretty much everyone I know. Multiple mac users I know take the mouse that came with the iMac or there mac and throw it into a desk drawer and use some 3rd party. Microsoft and logitech seem to be the 2 most people go for.

    My mice of choice to use is my Logitech G7 (1 year old) and a 20 buck memorex mouse I bought over 6 or 7 years ago now. Both the memorex and the G7 are better than the might mouse and I know I will like my G7 better
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    I just got the Magic Mouse and installed it on a 2 year old iMac and it is perfect with no lag. They must have done something with the software.:eek:
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    new mouse SUCKS, tried it on my Mac Pro and my MBP ... with the software update it works poorer than it did before.

    At maximum speed it the pointer crawls across the screen .... waste of time and money, what was Apple thinking...

    ALL 'cool design' with NO ergonomics, sharp edges, doesn't conform at all to your hand stupid stupid stupid!
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    yep couldn't agree more ...

    sharp edged macbooks, sharp edged mice ... they're missing a major part of Engineering in some of their products ... too much focus on design not enough on making a product that's very comfortable to use ....
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    Rodimus Prime

    Another classic apple fail. Apple shows yet again they care more about form than funtion. It is more important for them to look pretty than the stuff to be useless
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    I like it. Works fine. I don't understand why others are complaining.

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