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Apple Maps for iOS Adds 3D Flyover Coverage in Paris

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 9, 2013.

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    As noticed by iGeneration [Google translation], Apple has added new Flyover imagery and 3D buildings for Paris, France. The new imagery, which extends into the Paris suburbs, marks a significant enhancement for Apple's 3D maps in France given that the only previous coverage in the country was for the city of Lyon.

    Apple maintains a list of cities for which it offers 3D building coverage, as well as other iOS 6 features, but it has yet to update the list with mention of Paris or any other potential recent additions.

    Article Link: Apple Maps for iOS Adds 3D Flyover Coverage in Paris
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    This was one of the most notable omissions.

    Now we just need them to do DC, or does the Pentagon object?
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    Why does it take so long? How are they supposed to keep this all up to date?
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    Unbelievable that they keep working on this worthless function for no good reason what so ever. Apple must really suffer from a severe brain drain these days.

    What about adding something useful for a change, how about street view, or speeding cameras, or something else USEFUL!
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    Apple Maps Processes Your Corrections

    Can't wait to see that headline.
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    Wow this makes me want to go back to Paris so bad, you can tell they put some detail into the Eiffel tower too.

    I think it's interesting that at first we saw lots of cities all at once and now it's been months between one or two cities. I think that speaks to the attention they are paying to satellite data and POI index. Now that it's starting to get a bit better they'll move resources back to flyover.
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    To find this flyover, search for "Chicago."
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    Hope 3D maps dont get flatter in iOS7
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    I found this fly over feature most useful. It gives me a general view of the environment that I'm about to visit. It makes my brain retain detail info easier.
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    - Jean Claude Bouvier
    Parisian Board of Tourism
    Helicopter Division
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    I'd choose StreetView over this every time.
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    Useless function

    Apple must believe we customers buy into gimmicks
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    I find Street View only sometimes useful. It doesn't particularly give you a sense of direction, and a lot of times (esp. suburban areas) what I'm looking for is obscured by trees and what not, I often get lost if I rely strictly on it.
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    It's nice in the classroom to go on 'field trips' to these distant lands for those if us that couldn't go, but gives students a way to become a little familiar to see certain sites and what not.

    As for myself, It's a gimmick but a fun gimmick.
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    I'm making a note in calendar with an annual reminder to commemorate this glorious day! I only wish iPhone had bump so I could share the calendar note with all my friends.
  16. g-7
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    Street View works almost everywhere. Flyover works in several selected cities.
    Case closed. ;)
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    Add this to Amazon's 3D screen. That would be interesting.
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    It might not be a "useful" feature per se, but I find it enjoyable having a browse about some of the worlds famous landmarks with this feature.
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    Is it just me or do all the sides of the buildings look melted??? Shouldn't this be sorted out?
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    For those who have never been that view doesn't do the Louvre justice. It makes the place look small.

    The place is huge. You can spend an entire day there and won't see everything. There's place to sit in every corridor.

    In terms of sheer size, standing the garden @ the Palace of Versailles wins it for me. Its endless. I can't imagine how many people they employ and how long it takes to maintain things. Today or even hundreds of years ago.
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    It's a shame they still haven't added most of the metro lines to Paris....
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    I love this feature. It beats hands on any street view. The problem is the number of city covered...
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    To people questioning the value of this feature - you've clearly never used Google Earth. Software and features like this are indispensable to professionals in my industry (architecture & urban design), which makes up more than what I would refer to as a niche in Apple's professional sector.

    To people comparing this to Street View - apples and oranges...no pun intended.
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    This is not a niche feature though. It is the one thing distinguishing Apple Maps from Google Map (besides the horrendous search capabilities of the former, but that is beside the point).

    I must admit that I would have expected the whole expansion to go a little faster than it does .. but well. I like flyover, but with the current coverages it is next to useless in my life.
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    Looks disgusting ! :(

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