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Apple may need to change the name of 10.8

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by ks-man, Feb 22, 2012.

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    At least if they want to continue the impression of ferocious animals...

    Not so tough
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    It's a brand name. The OS is not meant to imply any comparisons with a real mountain lion.
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    Maybe they should go back to bears. The public beta was "Kodiak."
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    At least they didn't name it "Cougar" (even though that's what a mountain lion is).
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    I like Mountain Lion, its may be lest intense of an animal compared to a Lion but it's within its cat category that Apple loves to use. And frankly I just thought of the Mountain Lion + Lion the same as when they did Leopard + Snow Leopard.

    A Mountain Lion is the king of it's environment, Check out planet earth or life or one of those type of shows if you don't believe me! :)
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    Then I guess OS X 10.8 German Shepherd it is?! :)

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    Snow Leopard didn't have a ton of new features and focused on major speed improvements. Those speed improvements along with the new low pricing made Snow Leopard one of the most beloved OS updates. I don't really see the same with Mountain Lion as it is continuing the process of merging OS X with iOS.

    So I think we will see a lot more differences in Mountain Lion as compared to Lion than we saw in Snow Leopard as compared with Leopard. Simply based on that fact alone I think we can guarantee that some people won't be happy.
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    i do think that it is a smaller upgrade than they used to do like Panther to Tiger or Tiger to Leopard. However, there are always people who aren't happy about the upgrades. that is a fact of life as much as it is a fact that they'll come here and complain about it. :p
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    they can start doing smaller cats like Lynx or Bobcat
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    Dudes, its just a joke xDD

    Quite funny though :p
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    Some peoples lack of sense of humor both astonishes and disappoints me :D
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    This is clearly not a joking matter.

    Apple's stock was down .35% today so there is 100% correlation between the stock sell-off and this news. I also have 100% confirmation from an inside source who must remain nameless that Tim Cook is debating changing the name of the OS release b/c of this.

    I have 95% confirmation that Steve Jobs prepared for this eventuality in his succession plan but I'm waiting for the other 5%. This is a MacRumors message board so we only post pure factual information.
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    Of course! So obvious... It disappoints me that some people can't see such obvious things!

    I heard that Tim Cook is thinking something like "iOS XI Ponytail" for the next generation of MacBooks. This should increase the sales of macs and iDevices about 3%, so, it's a great deal!
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    10.9 Hello Kitty :p
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    They should only name each OS with an animal that could eat their last one…
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    There was an old lady who swallowed a fly?
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    Actually, Apple held trademarks on both Cougar and Lynx which caused most to believe that they would be used as future OS names... at least until after Snow Leopard and they released all rights for both names. Hint?
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    Mountain lions are scary whenever you are out in the woods and you see its tracks in the snow, and a still steaming pile of ***** by those tracks. ;)

    Needless to say I was out of that area fast! (And dumb people try and say no mountain lions are in PA anymore).
  20. bradl, Feb 24, 2012
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    John Mellencamp would have sued. ;)

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    I know what you mean, but I was speaking more on the titles only then the internal improvements in the OS
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    At least they didn't name it "Puma" again (even though that's what a mountain lion is).


    Those Germans, eh? Always out for revenge...
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    I hope OS 11 is after Mountain Lion.

    OS X is just starting to feel un-refreshed and unvarying. It's time to do to OS X what OS X did to Classic. Turn the old environment into a Fisher-Price playpen and give users a wholly new feel to computing. iDevices seems to be the trend. If Apple does their magic and combines Mac OS and iOS into something that's universally satisfying for both advanced and novice users, it will steal away a lot of alternative OS users.

    The one thing that would absolutely put me in the line at the Apple store is if they named it after snakes. Python, Cobra, King Cobra, Viper, Boa, Taipan, Mamba, Copperhead, Krait, Bardick, Adder, Black Adder, Diamond Back...

    Problem is, that some snakes have been used in the computer realm, such as Python and Taipan, etc.

    Everybody hopes and speculates about OS 11's naming scheme, but let's not forget that the only reason we, the public, even recognize the big-cat names is because the internal code names became popular. I'm certain that Apple never intended for these-names to be marketed, as evidenced by OS X 10.1's lack of mention of Cheetah on any and all marketing material and the OS itself.

    As with iOS, they will likely prefer not to assign any trivial naming scheme to their software beyond code-names.

    [I still want to be first in line for Cobra]
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    If that Mountain Lion wanted too it could easily kill that dog. Just wasn't in the mood.

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