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Apple MP3 Player???

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Scab Cake, Oct 17, 2001.

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    newton meet clie

    I am thinking it is going to be the old netwon (not a mac heehee) coming back in a multimedia way like the new sony clie. Get it running osx and I am in.

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    You can see a prediction on this great website!

    If you go onto http://homepage.mac.com/benvp/ , the last picture is a rendering of a Mac MP3 Player, maybe it will look like that!
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    another article

    I found this on the Register.
    It's basically the same info. Maybe a PDA-like music player that communicates through Airport with your desktop, controlls your TV, and makes popcorn? Who knows, but I'm excited. If OS X somehow ran on it, I'd buy it unbelievably fast. Seriously, though, what could it be? It'd have to fill some niche not already filled by other devices, but where could that be? Maybe it's a portable media player, i.e. Quicktime movies and mp3.
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    aheheaheah yes

    That would be tight. There was that whole april fools day joke last year with the handsping or somthing running osx.

    Jokes are funny. Funny things make people happy. People are happy when they have something cool. Companies are happy when people think their stuff is cool. Companies who sell lots of cool stuff continue to develop cool stuff. Lets see something even cooler than my TiBook.

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    I don't know what it si going to be. but I do know that it has to be good. I would like to see a combination MP3, PDA, type device. Something to compete with the technology industry on a different scale, not just computers, but the digital music area also. I hope it adds features that are not available on any other device in the world. Give me some feedback:
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    well, apple really has to blow us away this time if they want to draw everyone's attention away from windows xp. we must remember that 95% of the population does go for windows before mac. saddening, yet true.
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    Hey maybe it's a Game Console!?!

    Maybe it could be like the GameCube, just with a G4. Or it could have the new 1GHz IBM G3. It would just blow away the contest of the X-Box and GC. It could run Mac OS X. And have the GeForce3 or something. Wow a console from Apple, wouldn't it just be awesome?
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    it would suck

    everyone knows that apples are not good for game playing.

    plus, microsoft has all the best game makers working for their xbox.

    scratch that idea
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    No, it won't be a game console. It's supposed to be low cost anyhow, and there's no way it could compete with the others out there. It'll probably be some handheld device. I really hope it does something significantly different though. It's been a while since anything really revolutionary came from Apple.
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    it's gonna be kool....

    its all nice and fun having your ideas and all, but when it comes down to it...apple are geniuses and they want us to think that they are releasing something like a MP3 player, hand held device, etc. but this is where they get us every time, my estimate is that it will either be something revolutionary (my moneys on that) and completely unpredictable, or just as the power book/ibook updates were, under our expectations...so
    My guess is it is going to follow in the foosteps of our old friend "Newton" god rest his sole...
    and thats a guess from 8 years of xperience
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    Well, a lot of people have been speculating on what they think it is, so I thought I'd give it a shot. :) Hey, it's fun!

    I think it's going to be an internet appliance. Basically a stripped down iMac, maybe with a small LCD, portable, possibly with airport, that will allow you to play music, check your email..all that stuff that we do every day except it's not going to have the computing power of the G4. It'll be a low-end G3 with more defined functionality than a personal computer. What makes me think this is that Apple's saying, "It's not a mac." And hey, what better way to implement the whole digital hub thing than a mini-mac that'll let you do everything you want to do, but you don't need 128 megs of memory or 20 gigs of storage? One thing's for sure, though: I'm pretty excited to see whatever it is they're going to unveil. I'm sure everyone's gonna go, "Why didn't I think of that??"
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    shhh, don't tell anyone.

    it's a smartphone on steroids. complete with pda, music and video.
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    I like the idea of pda, music, and video, but not the smartphone. I already have a cell phone. That would just ruin it for me. Take out the cell phone features and I'd be the first one in line (or at least I'd try).
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    where did u hear that

    and does anyone know a time that we can expect the "thing"
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    sorry, can't tell.

    just watch and see.
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    apple says next tuesday they will unveil this "device"
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    Lost of speculation... I am guessing that you have all read the new artical on the front page of macrumors. If this "thing" is what the artical says... it would be cool but I wount use it most likley If its what some of you guys are saying it is.. that would be a cool mac toy that I might have to get. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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