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Apple must Dislike other Countries

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kristofor, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Apple Australia will not receive stock of the Ipod Touch till the 28th.

    I just spoke to someone at Apple that said pretty much that just because it's out in the states is not a good indication of whether we will get stock in Australia. They also said Australia won't get stock till the 28th.

    I want my Ipod Touch. I envy all you guys in the states.
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    Sony does the same thing but japan gets it first... so in a nutshell get over it....
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    actually, is there any way to know when other countries are getting them in?

    I'm very curious about when Japan is going to have them in stores...
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    I'm surprised it makes much of a difference, with pre-orders at least. They're all shipped out from China.
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    I know :( Doesn't it suck :(
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    Yes, that's it, Apple hates Australia. :rolleyes:

    Releasing a product world-wide is a huge effort, it'll take some time.

    Plus, it's possible that's just what she was told to say. So as not to get anyone's hopes up, they tell you it'll arrive on the 28th.

    Just be patient.
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    I've got a question for all non-US pre-orderers... What is the product name on your order status page?
    I've noticed that in all the screenshots showing "ready for shipment", the product name is IPOD TOUCH 8G-USA or IPOD TOUCH 16G-USA.
    However, mine is called IPOD TOUCH 8G-ITP. Is that the same for all non-US orders?
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    mine says -ITP and the status is not yet shipped
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    Maybe they're shipping all the -USA ones first. It sure appears that way :(
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    IPOD TOUCH 16G-CAN (Canada, obviously)

    Shipped by: Sep 28
    Delivered by: Oct 11 :(
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    No :D

    Woah, settle tiger. We're anxious to get our new toys, ok?
    You can 'get over it' if you like, but i'm not ready to get over it until my new ipod touch is in my hands ;)

    Let us moan, it passes the time :D
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    Mine is
    IPOD TOUCH 8G-ITP whatever that means
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    times like this im glad Apple is an American company :D

    Sorry I really do feel for you guys not in the US
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    It's not the delayed shipping to Australia that bugs me, it's the discrepany in prices on most products. You'd think with the current exchange rate and manufacturing in China that the US$ to AUS$ pricing should be closer.
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    It's definitely a shame that only the US gets it first, seeing as they already have been the only country with official access to the iphone for the past few months. But it does make sense seeing as Apple is based in the states.
    though this gives me some time to decide if I want to drop the $500+CAD(inc tax) for a 16gb touch, or wait for the 32gb model down the road, or at least wait until 16gb touches pop up in the refurb store. Then again it will be hard not to replace my 8 gig nano if I see a 16gb model in stores.
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    I doubt this 'dislike' other countries, however, with the distinct lack of an iPhone everywhere else I'd have thought they'd make an effort to look good with all us none Americans.

    Seems not.
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    Yeah, I know. 550 odd Australian dollars for a 16GB! :(
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    Well, i really wonder what's Apple's main market is. They aren't as big outside the US as in Japan, Australia, Europe etc. And remember, with itunes video/movies only in the US, really, the ipod is made for the US market.

    Its been several years now, when will Apple get TV shows/movies etc onto iTunes elsewhere? Canada doesn't have it yet even, and thats right next door. Why doesn't Japan have it? They have video phones already.

    I don't think its a "dislike". It's more about where Apple is focusing its energy, and its domestic.
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    I live in Japan. Quit your bitching! I am paying near $500 US for mine that I ordered from Apple Japan. It won't ship before the 28th. You know why Apple products ship in America first? BECAUSE APPLE IS AN AMERICAN COMPANY. There are all kinds of cool non-apple things that all of us get around the world that Americans either never get or get years later.
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    It's not Apple's fault Australia is one of the most expensive countries on the earth. I spent a month and a half in Queensland this year, and I couldn't believe how expensive everything in Australia is. My guess is tariffs on digital devices are expensive in Australia.
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    Mine is IPOD TOUCH 16G-JPN.
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    FWIW mines iPODTOUCH 16G-ZOO

    Gawd knows.
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    But just wait 'til we hear the hissy-fit when Europe gets 3G iPhones next week...:D

    Doesn't seem to be the case, as documented at this site and elsewhere:


    In fact, Australia is looking like a pretty good place to live, financially speaking. The numbers seem to say they have equal or better buying power than Americans or western Europeans...any of you Aussies feel like confirming or denying this statistical impression? It's not too off-topic, as it might help us better understand the Australian dollar amounts in the thread. For example, what does 550 AD mean in terms of the average Australian's disposable income?
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    Yeah, every other product they release EVER is simultaneous worldwide, iMacs, macbooks, iPods etc. Why can they not ship multitouch products world wide

    to answer another question, my order status says


    I'm in the UK, I have no idea what ZOO is an abbreviation for!
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    Australian's have it very good in terms of quality of life and things such as welfare and a very good government financed health system etc. The average Australian wage is about $55,000 AUD/yr.

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