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Apple needs to make Audiobook imports work like Audiobooks

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Black Belt, Jul 22, 2009.

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    I prefer to buy my audiobooks on CD (better quality, instant backup) but iTunes does a terrible job of making Audiobooks from imports. Basically you have to buy some crazy utility to do what iTunes should do in the first place. I thought Apple products were supposed to be intuitive! There is nothing intuitive about Audiobooks, what a nightmare!
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    In iTunes, select the files that you imported, right click + "Get Info", then under "Options" change "Media Kind" from "Music" to "Audiobook".

    So instead of getting all excited and posting a rant on MacRumors, you could have posted a question "How do I convert audiobooks imported from the CDs to audiobooks in iTunes" and I am sure you would have got lots of answers.
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    y i figured that out the other day.
    a while ago it was so hard to make it into an audio book.
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    They STILL don't play right on mine, even when made into audiobooks in "get info". For some insane reason I can't import a whole cd as one track (the option is forever greyed out, I honestly can't figure out why) and then it refuses to play back the 500 or so individual minute long files in the iPod's "audiobook" menu properly. I can only listen to them in order and one after another if they're in a playlist which obviously doesn't remember what track of the 500 or so you were on.

    It's a complete pain in the arse. Now I use audiobook builder, which is great.
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    Can you not use Advanced > Join CD tracks?
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    Obviously you're unfamiliar with how Audiobooks work. The classification in iTunes only places it in the Audiobook listing, it does NOT give it the functionality of an Audiobook. Importing a CD set gives you HUNDREDS of tracks. Joining them is pointless as that doesn't give you chapters.

    So back to my original point - I should be able to import audiobooks properly the first time instead of going through a bunch of ridiculous, obscure, costly steps to make it work.
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    Wow, thanks for that. I can't believe I never new you could do that.
    I just started the renaming the extension to m4b to get bookmarking, and moving in into the Audiobooks section is great. ;)
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    Wrong, joining them is not pointless. If there are five CDs with 25 tracks each, joining them will let you do 'Part 1 of 5' and so on. Then, you can easily rename the extension from .m4a to .m4b and I believe this gives you proper bookmarking

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