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Apple: "No 60GB iPod anytime soon"

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by 2A Batterie, Jul 19, 2004.

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    2A Batterie

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    It seems as if apple has no plans for a 60 gig iPod. Interesting, because the discs are on order. If not for the iPod then what for (viPod, Camera, DVR, new iMacs)?
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    Sounds weird indeed.
    Maybe it is for the new imac. If the new redesign is that dramatical they might need very small harddrives to meet the form.

    ahh technics following form… the rule for great design
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    That would be a step backwards surely. I understand that the new iMac may well be more compact than the current model, but surely not at the expense of power and capacity... plus it would make sense that the new iMac would be a G5 or else it really would be a step back and then you'd have to wonder if people were willing to pay sooo much extra cash for the iMac over the eMac.
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    Yes but a 60 gig Hd has nothing to do with with the fact that it will be a G5.
    The announced already thet the new imac will be a G5.
    The question is just if they mount the imac behind a flatscreen and that to be able to do so apple has to fit in the smallest high performance parts on the market.
    Anyway it is unlikely that this Hd will make its way into a desktop.
    Apple is just playing with us again. The 60 gig ipod will be out before christmas and they just want to tell us that its not for right now.

    So go on people buy the 40gig and rest assured that you will stay king of the hill till christmas.

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