Apple Offering Xserve Deals?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 10, 2003.

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    One reader notes that an Apple Server sales representative has offered a Buy 3 Xserves and get a 4th for free for their Hospital -- presumably to stimulate sales. The deal was offered until September 25th.

    Developers previously received similar discounts in July.

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    The 25th is a Thursday. And over a week after Paris. But it seems to be a good indication of G5 xServes coming soon (hopefully).
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    Hopefully that means there will be a G5 xServe soon. That would likely be an outstanding server. I wonder how many xServes they are selling now. Probably not many.
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    Yeah... who would buy a G4 server when G5s are already on the market and sure to come to servers soon? I'm actually kinda surprised that they didn't announce G5 xserves along with the towers... but I guess with the limited supply of processors they wanted to get the desktops out first.
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    buy 3 get one free!
    well, f you spend that much money, you'd better get something back!:p
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    Didn't MacBid say something about the 23rd? That would be a Tuesday.

    And if they wanted to clear away new XServes, iMacs and iPods from Paris...... well you see where this thought is going
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    The 23rd rumor was based on a typo at someone's website.

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    Powerbook G5

    Just send the free XServe to me. I'm sure I could find a use for one :)
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    this is usual practice

    if you make a big order at apple they don't make a global rebate on the sum but they always give away about 1/4 of the delivery for free. lets say you buy 40 g5s you will have in fact to pay for 30 g5s and the rest is offered free. apple always does like this and its just another way of rebate.
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    My Xserves are loud, and when I say loud I mean it's difficult to her someone talking next to you when you're near them. I'm dreading what the G5 versions will sound like.
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    I don't think that Apple is spending a whole lot of time making the Xserve quiet as it generally just finds it's way chugging away in a back storage room. So they decided to err on the side of ventilation and cooling over quiet running.
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    Understandable, but there are better ways of ventilating than several turbine jet engines going full force all the time.

    I'm sure Apple can use a similar design strategy from G5 to distribute cooling better. Trying to pull enough air through two vents, each 2in x .5in is silly. Most server rooms are going to be temp controlled. The chassis of our servers is always quite cold to the touch. In such a case variable speed fans would be a blessing. (not to mention a savings on electricity)

    Worst case scenario, Xtrememac has done the noise reduction work for Apple.
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    G5 Xserve

    It would be resonable to assume that the G5 Xserves will be due to release very soon. Apple can't keep making pro computers with G4s for that much longer.
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    September is Apple's

    last month in their fiscal. They always offer discounts if you buy in volume this month. This is common knowledge and not a surprise.
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    Why should they give you a bonus? If you spend that much money on Xserves, you will get something back... Xserves!!!

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