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Apple offers up-to-date program for Macs purchased on June 6th or after

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by Hellhammer, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Apple's up-to-date page doesn't have much info yet though. This time, it will be completely free as there are no costs related to the media and shipping.

    Didn't see this anywhere else yet so thought I should post this.
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    I bought a costum built Macbook Pro from Apple's Edu store last Friday night (3/5/2011), but it hasn't ship yet nor I had it register at any account (bought it on a guest account), am I elligible for the free upgrade as I will recieve it after the 6th?
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    Your credit card has not bee charged yet so I think you are eligible. Give Apple a call and ask to make sure but I'm pretty sure you will get it for free.
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    Thanks for your reply! As I am not a UK citizen atm, I can't call Apple (I bought the MBP and had it ship to a friend's house). May someone ask Apple for me please?
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    How do you do this? Any chance you can submit it in the app store or somehow electronically?
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    Just curious, what is considered to be a "qualifying new mac system", does refurbished mac count? thanks
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    I wonder if they will send out a gift code or just auto matically add it to the apple ID you ordered with.
    Because I use 2 different apple IDs. One for computer orders/developer account.
    And another for just app purchases from appstores. I hope it is a code so I can get it through my app account.
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    Notice that page features an MBA, it's all you will need, no matter how small the drive is, because it's all up in the cloud now. I think Apple rushed it out, so that they can beat the Chromebook. Or not. :)

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