Apple Officially Discontinues 30-Inch and 24-Inch Cinema Displays

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Although we already noted this fact as a footnote in today's 27" LED Cinema Display announcement article, we felt it important to point out -- Apple has officially discontinued the 24" and 30" Apple Cinema Displays. Going forward, today's 27" LED Cinema Display will be the only display offered by Apple. Per Macworld:
    The new monitor offers the same horizontal resolution as the now discontinued 30" display at 2650 across, though fewer pixels vertically (1440 vs 1600). The 30" has been the topic of much speculation as Apple has left the large screen display relatively stagnant over the years. Apple's focus on portable products is apparent as the 27" LED Display appears to be primarily targeted at laptop owners.

    Apple will continue to sell the 24" and 30" LCDs until stock runs out.

    Article Link: Apple Officially Discontinues 30-Inch and 24-Inch Cinema Displays
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    It would have been kind of nice to see the 30" models keep coming. :(
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    It would be nice if they would continue to offer a matte external display :(
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    Come on, Apple! It's a mistake to discontinue them.
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    Seems odd not to have a 24" and a 27" LED Screen.
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    No, consumers love glossy displays. That's all that counts.
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    That too. It doesn't seem that hard to give customers some choice in the ACD's...
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    we need to see a 40" screen in the later years.
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    We just need a 21.5" display for $599. 27" is to big for some, but not me. :D
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    I don't want an overpriced mirror, though :p

    (At least it would be nice if they would've left the option for a matte screen, like they did for the 15" MacBook Pros)
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    why would they do this?
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    And still no mention still of a matte version of the display.......
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Ah well, looks like if my 30" ACD ever gives up the ghost (touches wood and prays that it doesn't), I'll have to take my money elsewhere. 27" and less pixels just doesn't cut it.
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    Goodbye Apple, hello NEC.
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    Sun Baked

    The lack of any tech specs on the LED Display page was sort of making that obvious.

    Though, with the further decline in Apple Display choices the DisplayPort now seems even more like a rather silly port standard.
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    Shame, I wanted to purchase a 24'' when I had some money later.
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    Another hint that Apple really doesn't care about its computers any more. 27 glossy with laptop connector only? Pros finally updated about 6-9 months late (too lazy to check), MBA now not really updated since what, 2008?

    Next step - ditch MacOS in favor of iOS for consumer devices, programs only installable via application store, ditch the Macintosh in favor of the Pads...?

    SJ used to be the icon, I am afraid he is more and more getting the focal point of unsatisfied mac lovers...
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    Well there's a slippery slope logic fallacy if I've ever seen one...
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    It is surprising that they would only want to offer a 27" monitor, as it may simply be too big for some people. It would have made sense to keep offering the 24" ACD. Are there maybe more monitors coming our way? Or is this maybe SJ telling us: Thou shalt not use a monitor smaller than 27!"
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    Companies love 16:9 Computer Screens, they can be made with the same factory equipment as TVs. Expect to find it difficult to get another 30" monitor in a couple of years.

    If they made a 32" monitor with a bigger pixel count...

    You haven't spent a lot of time with your parents lately have you?
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    I just bought a brand new 30" display from Apple Store online. It arrived clearly used and dirty. I looked up the serial number and it was manufactured in March 2007. I kid you not. I called Apple and they said it had just been sitting on the shelf all that time.
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    Not getting this one at all. One display option, glossy only, at $1000? I'm sure it's a beautiful display... but methinks this is taking the "simplicity of options" approach too far. I liked the old lineup with a 20, 23, and 30. I guess they could redo that as a 21.5, 24, 27, or maybe 21.5, 27, 30, but there are a lot of people who want smaller than 27 and a lot who want bigger (and of course the glossy issue).
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    This would be perfect, however I think Apple isn't really in the external display market anymore, considering that 80% of their computers include one.

    Money. It's cheaper to make one display that uses the same panel as the 27" iMac, and not have to order more displays that aren't being used in computers. Remember, the 24" display uses the same panel as the old 24" iMac.

    It's also why I would LOVE a 21.5" ACD.
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