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Apple Overtakes LG to Become No. 2 Mobile Phone Maker in U.S.

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Apple captured the number two slot in all U.S. mobile phone makers, both smartphone and non-smartphone, for the first time, according to a new report by research firm comScore.

    Samsung maintained their lead with 26.3% in overall mobile phone userbase, with Apple coming in second at 17.8% and LG .2 points behind in the number three slot with 17.6%. Apple gained 1.5% in the three month period starting in August 2012 and ending in October 2012, which includes the first full month of iPhone 5 availability. LG, Motorola and HTC all saw their share shrink by .8, .2 and .4% respectively. Back in April, Apple leapfrogged Motorola to become the No. 3 mobile phone maker.


    comScore's data tracks installed base rather than sales figures, so it reflects well on real-world usage rather than immediate market trends. Recently, Kantar Worldpanel released data based on sales figures that Apple had overtaken Android in marketshare with the help of iPhone 5 sales.

    Article Link: Apple Overtakes LG to Become No. 2 Mobile Phone Maker in U.S.
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    No surprise there.
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    with just one model! that's impressive.
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    By .2%...Apple can do better right?
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    Just the fact that apple only sells 3 phones (2 old models) at a time while the other competition will sell dozens of new just shows how well apple is doing in the phone market.
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    if you comparing 3 iPhones (means 3 years) then for competitors 'dozens' is very low figure, i think it will be many more models.
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    Is this all phones or just smartphones?
    If so pretty impressive considering Apple only makes smartphones.
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    HTC is heavily underrated, their One series phones are amazing, much better than an iphone and yet Samsung is at the top....
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    Mike MA

    Amazing decline by RIM on the platforms marketshare if you have a look at the old charts back from beginning of the year (16,6% in Nov-11 to 7,8% in Oct-12).
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    Yes because we all know that the key to success in the phone market for any company other than Apple is to simply churn out as many models as possible.
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    I can see Samsung being N.1, they aso make the best phones, and I can see Apple being number 2 with all their marketing and Iphones that are maybe boring not that bad, but what about LG n.3? I don't know if they make good phones. Haven't seen one yet.
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    I don't think that's what was meant. Apple only makes one phone, which is a smartphone, whereas the other companies make every type of phone.
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    LG has the Nexus 4 now. Not that it factored into the numbers right now, but its a good device.
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    I think every non-smartphone I've seen in the last year has been an LG.
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    LG will be back when they consider the new numbers for the Nexus 4.
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    That's not what he meant. Stop defending so quickly and think about what you are replying to.
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    If Blackberry 10 is anywhere near as stable/reliable as Android, their marketshare SHOULD rise.

    I just hope whatever phone they release doesnt look ugly. They need to put a phone on store shelves that people won't be embarrassed to hold in public.
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    Remember when the first iPhone was released, Jobs said he'd be happy with capturing just 1% of the smartphone market. And at that time, many analysts were predicting that it would be difficult for Apple to do even that. "It doesn't have a physical keyboard!"
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    If you'd look for what clueless means in the dictionary you'd find ANALYST is a synonym :D
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    Wow, had to read this again to make sure we were really talking about mobile phones as a whole, not smartphones.

    I remember when introducing the original iPhone, Steve said they hoped to grab 1% of the mobile phone market share.
  21. wikus, Dec 1, 2012
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    The HTC One X runs circles around the iPhone 5 and is the only phone on the market that actually trumps the iPhone on aesthetics. I'm not saying that from a fanboy perspective as the iPhone 4/5 are in my opinion at the number 3 spot (HTC One S in white looks better as well).

    That said, your comment is pathetic.
  22. aerok, Dec 1, 2012
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    I had the One X and it just felt so right in my hand, even the weight was just perfect. I would say the design is perfect but there is that protruding camera. But yes, I agree the design is better than the iPhone (In my opinion).
  23. pgiguere1, Dec 1, 2012
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    While I agree that the HTC One line is underrated compared to Samsung's Galaxy line, you're making a couple of bold claims here.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "runs circle around the iPhone 5".

    The One X has a worse CPU and GPU, similar screen but with worse colour gamut and no in-cell touch for the "painted on top of glass" illusion. It is bulkier, has worse battery life, worse camera and no 64GB option while also having tasteless Beats by Dr Dre branding, HTC Sense skin that nobody likes, and is late on Android updates (it just got 4.1 while 4.2 has been out for a little while).

    You could say that you like its design better or that you like its bigger screen better, but both of those are more subjective, so I don't know why you talk like it's an unquestionable fact that the One X is better. If you want to compare measurable hardware, the iPhone 5 is clearly a higher-end phone than a One X, which is also normal given that it's a newer phone. The rest (OS choice, screen size, aesthetics) is just like, your opinion, man.
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    I agree with you as a HTC user. I think what holds HTC down is their frequency of renewing their products, which no companies can match Samsung.
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    Editorial note

    To the author, welcome. When expressing numbers like .4 and .2 it is traditional to include the leading zero. 0.4 and 0.2.

    Great news for stockholders.


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