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Apple PDA

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by PowerFullMac, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I know its been said before, but think about it, Apple have left a gap in the market... There is a phone/PDA (sort of) and the iPod Touch which they have crippled to make it not as good as the iPhone or a really good PDA, but whats in the middle?

    What do you think? Maybe thats the "Air" Mac?

    Just a thought.

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    Tallest Skil

    That's what the iPhone is. Newton 2.0... actually, more like 9.9. At least it will be when the SDK comes out.
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    But the iPhone is tied up in a contract, which is what stopped me, and im sure quite a few others, from getting one. Not ideal for a PDA, or a phone really...
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    Tallest Skil

    We must wait it out. Ever since I heard that it lasted five years, I've had this feeling that Apple will say, "Screw you," to AT&T after the first two. I really don't believe they'd associate themselves with tyranny for that long.
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    The iPhone has the right tools to be a good corporate PDA, but the execution is not there yet. It is still, at it's heart, a cellphone/PMP.

    That being said, I do not think Apple will announce it at MWSF. I personally hope they do improve it into an "iSmartPhone", but expect any such plans would not be released until the new 3G iPhones ship around this summer.
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    iPod Touch

    Thats the closest you'll get. And with the SDK, its pretty darn good
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    I am surprised how much a jailbroken iPod touch can do. It's a PDA for all intent and purposes for me. No more small scraps of paper to organize my life (just my work now)!
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    i have to say that i like to have either a stylus or a small keyboard for a pda.
    the iphone is more like a lifestyle phone and it's great at that.

    don't get me wrong, i love my iphone but my palm zire 72 is a much better pda. palm just failed to update the palm's with better/slightly larger screens.

    with sony's release of OLED screens it should be possible to build a PDA with a foldable screen. that would be great.
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    iPod Touch + SDK = PDA
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    Someone help me out. I'm looking for a word for 'absurd exaggeration.'
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    How about hyperbole? [An exaggerated statement or claim not to be taken literally]

    But, I think Tallest Skil has a point. I'd be surprised if iPhone remained AT&T for 5 years.
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    Lol, Great Minds MacRy
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    Not sure what you mean by that. In its current form the iPhone is a consumer device and does not have the features that an enterprise needs. Maybe a small business with little to no concern for security can use the iPhone, but most financial corporations would be in severe trouble if they stated using the iPhone to store sensitive data.

    Long way to go before iPhone can be used in a large corporation, the iPhone today has little to no security for safeguarding the data that a user may store and as of yet it does not provide a way for the corporation to lock down the phone to only allow the software that was sanctified by the corporation and the sanctified host that contains it. Corporations can not allow you to load the software you want or to download it from any location either. Corporations are about control and about not getting fined by the government and other industry groups. Being safe is the way to go.

    For those that want to call a 50 or 100 man shop a corporation, have fun, you are talking apples an oranges.

    I am talking about multi billion or trillion corporations with 10,000 to 250,000 employees or more. That segment will only be seriously interested in an iPhone that is at least as secured as the most secured Blackberry device.
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    EagerDragon, like your signature!

    You have a point, Blackberries can be wiped remotley in case they are lost or stolen, which is why the company my mum works for didnt use iPhones... That and they are parterners with RIM...
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    That's great. I hope apple or att gives us a function to do that.
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    By tools, I mean it has the address book and calendar and e-mail client and web browser.

    Hence my follow-on comment that "the execution is not there yet". The iPhone's applications needs to be made more robust and (along with the data) more secure before corporations would take it seriously.

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