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Apple Petition to Switch back to Dedicated Graphics Chips

Discussion in 'Games' started by ilikeiBook, Jun 1, 2006.

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    I have created a petition so that Apple will listen to the call of gamers everywhere to give their consumer macs decent graphics chips:

    Link to Sign
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    This will have about as much effect as my FireWire Petition...

    And I have 5,000+ sigs. :D

    I was so naive...
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    IGP is fine for a budget laptop.

    FireWire lost, USB won. Dropping it is reasonable. Just like Sony should drop their Memory Stick Duo/Pro/etc.

    Standardization, please.
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    just drop it, the GMA350 is awesome for that level of product. Go pro if you need pro specs.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    True Integrated graphics suck but Apple listens to no one but Apple from what i have seen over the years. Best way you can show Apple is not by buying any machine with such a cheap graphics system. Its about Apple , not the consumer hence 2% marketshare they have. The gma950 is a joke in the Pc world but hey Apple gets them for almost nothing and if people are stupid enough to buy them....there is a sucker born everyday.:D Good luck
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    i get the feeling it's better than previous videocards on ibooks, older powerbooks, etc. shouldn't be that bad. what do you expect for 1100.
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    Done. It's worth a try. Integrated graphics may be capable, but given the price of Apple Mac's it's really unacceptable and does nothing for the future of Mac as a possible gaming platform. WoW demonstrates how excellent gaming on a Mac can be, but integrated graphics are just a huge step in the wrong direction.
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    Its ironic in a way, i remember reading the mac mini product info page a while back when it was first released someone in the product description they made a comparison between apple low end machine and the competing machines saying that with the mac mini you get a real graphic card and no integrated nonsense.

    i'm going to assume that intel are giving them a price break for ordering extra products off them. oh well maybe dip in apples market share my make them inclined to include better graphic cards.
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    The integrated GPU is actually an UPGRADE from the previous chips (except in memory). It actually supports the shaders necessary for Core Image and Core Video, unlike the Radeon Mobility 9200 that was in there before.
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    FWIW, the outgoing iBook had the 9550, as did, AFAIK, the Mac Minis per the "silent" upgrade (although it was never clear that 100% of Minis were shipping this way).
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    Hmm, I guess I'll just plug in my MiniDV camera into my USB port. :rolleyes: FW400 is alive and well and will be for the near future. FW800 OTOH, is a sad sad mess, I'd drop it for eSATA. USB sucks, but its cheap, and sadly cheap usually wins (VHS>BETA, Wii>PS3 :eek: ).

    I agree with IGP in low end / superportable laptops. Really, how many people are gamers (especially in the older age groups?) who buy that level of laptop? I'll trade the power of a dedicated GP for 6+ hours of life or so. Thats wicked.

    Heck, I'm thinking about swapping from one MBP level laptop to a MB and a desktop for my video work. . .

    I guess I'm rambling. So, I think IGP can be, and probably will be a good thing as long as the power costs are reduced to ultra low levels.
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    apples have dedicated graphics chips. just buy the macbook pro or the imac. it's that simple.
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    Hardly, FireWire is just in a stuff spot.. if a while FW 800 is be the standard, and for low powered things like Mouse and Keyboard you have Bluetooth, i hardly see a need for USB stuff:p

    Thats my plan!
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    are you capable of writing something new in your posts?

    anyway, guess what other manufacturers are putting in laptops at the same price point? integrated graphics. I'm not a huge fan, but they seem to be doing well enough for people who aren't obsessed with 100 fps...

    In any event, it's very simple - online petitions do jack. Vote with your wallet. If you don't like a machine they make, don't buy it. And if they don't change the configuration, it's because enough people think it's a good enough deal to buy it anyway.
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    IGP certainly isn't great, but last I heard Apple wasn't touting their machines as game systems. The IGP in the MacBook is perfectly capable for media and does "fair" in gaming from what I've seen. Something more then IGP is unnecessary considering the target consumer of the MacBook vs MacBook Pro.

    FireWire is staying alive thanks to Apple. Before switching to Mac this year you know how many people with PCs I knew that had FireWire? Just Me.

    USB2 is a fine replacement when supported well, USB1 is fine for low bandwidth things (mic, mouse, keyboard, etc). It also has much more support.

    If Apple drops FireWire then so will all the hardware manufacturers supporting it. Many offer USB2.0 in addition to FW lately anyway, and can't you get an adaptor cable? I don't see it surviving with Apple deprecating it... and I don't really see it is a loss personally. Even faster USB will come, and no sense in having USB+FW... and when was the last time you heard of a FW mouse?
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    no offense, but have you actually priced out wintel books with specs comparable to the macbook? they cost about the same amount and still have intel graphics (though many of them are only the 945 instead of the 950).

    yeah, we all like dedicated graphics better, but from the benches that I've been seeing from users here in the forums, there's really nothing to be complaining about, unless you're FPS obsessed.
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    I wouldn't call complaining about 9 fps (Doom 3 on MacBook) being fps-obsessed. It's a pretty reasonable complaint to make.
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    But the MacBook isn't meant for gaming. That's like whining that a Mac Mini isn't running FCP worth crap and it's Apple's fault. If every machine is supposed to handle every application then why bother with so many models? It's all about giving the consumer an option.

    The MacBook is a budget laptop, and an incredible deal in my opinion. If you want gaming, buy a MacBook Pro or a Windows based machine.
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    do u really think this will work?
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    I don't, but I signed it anyway.
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    I just signed it 5 times. The names I used were; Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, and George Bush. ...I picked very impresive names that I thought would convince Apple. ;) :rolleyes:

    My point; online petitions mean nothing. No company (especially Apple) is going to take it seriously. There is just no way of knowing who's really signed it, how many times a single person signed it, or if these people are even alive! :eek: Elvis is still alive! Long live the King!
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    FW is really kept alive by it's stability compared to USB, which is neccessery for HD audio and DV. For some applications, USB sucks real bad. And you're never going to see an adapter cable. Maybe an adapter box, but never a cable. The model on which FW works is too different (hence why it can be used for networking)
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    I love my Integrated graphics MB, although I would prefer a dedicated 64mb card, I'm not complaining also it runs everything smoothly including the games I play hence I wont be signing the petition,

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    i don't see FireWire dissapearing anytime in the good few years at least. We've got a decent interface for video work, and until something better comes along, we'll keep using it. thing is, with FireWire, it's scalable. which means if any of these products do need to go quicker, they'll just use FW800, or FW1600, or something.
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    now i've got quite a few friends employed in "the pc world", and none of them believe the GMA950 is a joke.

    you're missing something here - IIG used to be crap, but that was a few years ago. they're now decent for most jobs. only don't go complaining that your MacBook with IIG can't play doom 3 as you want it too, because it wasn't designed to do that in the first place. don't go telling people not to buy a MB/mini because of the IIG, because for all you know, they may not want to do anything other than watch a DVD, browse the internet, or edit their little home video on iMovie. and it's more than good enough to do that with.

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