Apple Planning Major Overhaul of iTunes to Emphasize iCloud and Sharing

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Bloomberg reports that Apple is preparing a major overhaul of its iTunes software to more closely integrate its iCloud services and add new features for sharing music.
    Apple's iCloud efforts will improve organization of users' own content while also the company is also considering splitting out some functions of iTunes as it did yesterday on iOS with its new Podcasts app.

    Apple is also looking to include more multimedia content in the iTunes Store, requesting more photos and music videos from artists to help broaden its offerings.

    The revamped iTunes application is set to launch before the end of the year and is said to be one of the largest sets of changes since the iTunes Store's debut in 2003. As announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month, Apple is also working to improve the iTunes experience on iOS, revamping its digital store apps in iOS 6 to aid users in discovering new content.

    Article Link: Apple Planning Major Overhaul of iTunes to Emphasize iCloud and Sharing
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    With the increasing popularity of streaming services like Spotify, this update is LONG overdue.
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    This is great news. Hopefully they get rid of some of the iTunes Match/iCloud issues that I've been experiencing.
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    I hope they don't divide the app into individual stores. iTunes and Mac App Store are enough. No need to put more icons on my dock.
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    Agreed. I'm hoping that iTunes match will feel more "native" if that makes any sense.
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    and not only have the option to hide unwanted stuff, but also delete it permanently.
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    I could see them mimicking the stores on iOS 6 to keep them consistent from iPhone to Mac.
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    Bet this takes up a slot at the iPhone 6th gen unveiling.

    1) LTE
    2) Larger Retina display
    3) NFC
    4) Revamped iTunes
    5) Quad core processor?
    6) 720p front facing camera?

    That could be everything.
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    I wonder if we're finally getting a Cocoa re-write of iTunes.
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    yay, great news

    hopefully we will see it come september?
    i also hope they don't break it up, keep it all in the same app.
    just more easy to use.

    also i would welcome the option to remove stuff from iTunes match,
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    Good. Dump that ugly icon while you're at it.
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    Please keep this as an option and not mandatory as I have no intentions of using any iCloud services at anytime.
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    LONG, LONG overdue.

    Hopefully we will finally get better ways to organize content. I mean, jeez, we're still forced to tag movies using "Artist" and "Album" fields. :rolleyes:

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    About time. iTunes was overdue for an overhaul a long time ago. It's a bloated mess at this point.
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    I'm interested to see what they'll do. Overall, I enjoy iTunes, but some tweaks here and there would be good.

    I don't, however, care much at all for the sharing music integrating spotify etc... I don't use that at all. I wouldn't be using the cloud either for music. I'm still manual at updating the families music interests. Everyone has different choices in my house so I'm not sure how that would affect us.

    but who knows...maybe it would in a good way.
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    This sounds like good news to me. iCloud content does feel a bit hidden on Mac and PC since it's under the "Purchased" section, one of many on the righthand side. I don't really like the organization of the store in the first place, either. There's got to be a better way to find stuff than sifting through content sideways, whether on the computer version or iOS.

    The Store needs more help than searching through the content you already own, though- I think they've got a pretty good system for that. I would like some changes in the Music app on iPad, though. I don't know about anyone else, but I like listening to all of the songs by a certain artist and nothing else on my iPhone, and on iPad it stops after the album is done. Sure you can make a playlist, but I see no reason not to change it.
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    The fact that it's still called iTunes is what bothers me the most. If the app was renamed, then iTunes could be the name of the music store within the app.
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    About time...

    I've been dying for a new iTunes forever. It's a big, bloated program. :\
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    iTunes 1.0 was released on January 9, 2001
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    Yes, put the bloated pig on a diet.
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    Maybe the iOS device management panes will no longer contain separate, non-scaling, independently scrolling interfaces boxes WITHIN the larger scrolling iTunes view? Maybe that madness will end?
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    Aside from the introduction of Coverflow not much as far as the interface has changed. Be nice to see something new overall.
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    APPLE STOP SPLITTING APPS, holy **** what is your obsession with having a hundred icons everywhere?!


    There's almost a decade of crazy marketing and brand awareness surrounding the "iTunes" name, Apple won't just throw that all away.

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