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Apple Plans New Santa Clara Campus

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 28, 2012.

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    The Oakland Tribune is reporting that Apple has closed a deal with developer Peery Arrillaga for a custom two-building campus in Santa Clara, California, just a short distance from their headquarters in Cupertino.
    The campus would include two six-story office buildings that would hold 1,200 Apple employees. The first building, which is 188,000 square feet, is expected to be completed in mid-2014. The second building doesn't have a starting construction date yet, but will be 108,000 square feet. Recently, Bloomberg reported that Apple's "Spaceship" campus would be completed in 2016.

    Article Link: Apple Plans New Santa Clara Campus
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    I thought the article said - Apple plans Santa Clause Campus
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    I thought the same! Haha.
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    Sama haha!
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    Me too! It's been a long day for me haha...
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    but wHY????? :(

    I thought the whole idea of the spaceship was to have everyone in one place.
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    you're not alone.
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    lol oops hit the wrong button. please disregard this post.
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    If only... :eek:
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    There are already thousands of employees working in the buildings on the land where the new campus will be built.

    Those employees have to be moved to other locations before that land can be cleared to start the new spaceship campus.
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    Clicking the up arrow on the comment to which you all replied would have sufficed.
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    Nope. This is a discussion forum, we had to have our voices herd.
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    ^ what he said
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    exactly :)
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    no balls

    The Tim should have the cojones to cancel the spaceship, and build a practical campus that meets Apples' needs for the next 5-10 years.
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    Research lab free of the confines of the corporate culture, think a modern day Bell Labs or PARC.


    Versus a campus that will be there for at least 30 years? :rolleyes:
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    What's impractical about it, in principle? Couldn't they just make it bigger?
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    It's bigger than the Pentagon.

    Aiden just never sees rationality behind anything apple does when he can complain about it.
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    No, regardless of how long it might be used - it's a campus that will be too small before it is even built.

    The "impracticality" is that it's a very large (in area) campus, but will have far fewer people than some much smaller (in area) campuses nearby.

    Maybe they could make it an 8 story doughnut - but it still wouldn't hold anywhere close to the number of people that a more practical campus of rectangular buildings would hold.

    Just kill the thing, it's a bad design.


    But it's too small even before the first ground is broken....
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    That's not good christmas spirit ;)
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    That was never the intention of that building. As was mentioned, the "spaceship" will hold around 12-13 thousand people. Apple currently employs 15,000 in Cupertino alone ... and that number is growing at a rapid rate.


    Dude, we get it... you hate the building. Pull your investment out of it and ****.
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    Hey Lookie...

    Apple creating more "shovel ready" jobs then you know who! :rolleyes::D

    Way to go Apple! :apple:
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    No, I hate irresponsible development. Very big difference....
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    many many companies have a campus that only holds a certain amount of employees, mainly because if apple or any other company that big made it any bigger it would choke the traffic in the city (cupertino) to a stand still.. it's not irresponsible to consider your areas infrastructure.

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