Apple Posts 'All the Parts' and 'All These Years' Ads

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Apple has posted high resolution versions of two new Apple iPhone advertisements. The two new ads are called All the Parts and All These Years, and follow the same theme as the previous 7 iPhone television ads.

    Both ads explore many ads different functions of the iPhone, highlighting stock updates, Google maps, weather, and more.

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    Some of the better ads.

    I think it highlights a lot of the features, sure there are negative aspects if you want to really be in depth. I like that it doesn't jump on other cell phones. It just shows that this phone rocks.
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    I like some of the new ads, but I would rather have Apple spend their time and money on updates for the iPhone.
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    Still Room for one more....

    There is still room for one more on that slider bar....
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    YouTube! Oh wait...
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    I like these ads, I was able to catch the "All These Years" ad on TV this morning. Glad to see it online. :D
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    First of all, companies rarely make their own ads. Advertising agencies do all the work.

    Second of all, they don't just make the ads for the hell of it. Ads increase sales, which increases profits, which is where you get the money to make the updates for the product.
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    I think the real question is: How I survive with the iPhone with it's email not being very reliable, at a job that I need blackberry like email... Perhaps I'll have to switch back to the blackberry.

    Commercials are interesting. Would be nice to see something new.
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    Stupid question maybe, but where do I find the option to turn that iPhone music off in my head? I tried sleeping and waking, but the sound is still there.

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    I like "all these years".

    The recent speed test showing the iPhone to be about 1/10 the speed of a PM G5 1.6 ghz is interesting in light of the fact that ever since the iPhone was rumored I have claimed it was a "Mac Plus in your palm".

    It turns out it might be closer to a Gen 1 PM G4 but with 128mb memory.


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