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Apple Posts Quicktime Stream for 'Beat Goes On' Event

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 5, 2007.

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    The Touch makes the iPhone look huge.
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    It's still linking to the keynote stream from August.
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    its the old one, the iMac one
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    ABOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!! DOES IT REALLY TAKE 4 HOURS TO UPLOAD A FREAKIN VIDEO! I Held out and now i can finally enjoy this!
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    Um, it's a video. And it didn't take that long to post. Patience is a virtue. The world isn't coming to and end. Chill. :rolleyes:

    Great to see that this has been posted, I'm looking forward to watching it. :)
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    The "touch" video is interesting.

    It is talking disembodied head and hands. LOL

    (Black turtleneck on black background doesn't work to well).
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    I doubt getting a video online of something heavily blogged to death was something Apple was in a hurry to do today.
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    The video link keeps reloading...happeing to anyone else?
  14. hob
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    I've been watching no worries the past 25 minutes...

    guess this link just got macrumour'ed...
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    i'm getting the Aug 7th iMac intro video via that link at this time
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    Anybody have a link for the high res version?
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    i always wonder, when watching the keynote vids, why Steve doesn't have a more Apple-like clicker. i would have thought he'd have got something a bit like the apple remote, or a shuffle or something - a bit of extra product placement
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    The quality is usually low when they initially post it so that they can handle the increased bandwidth better. The next day it is normally up to full quality. The link posted on the homepage is invalid, by the way. Here is the correct one:


    (links to the edgesuite link ppl have posted higher up)
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    what's the name of the song in the nano commerical?
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    Doctor Q

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    I liked watching Steve groove to the music in his ringtones. Let's give him tap shoes or an air guitar the next time.
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    I viewed the page source and copied the URL of the QT ref movie:


    then I changed it to this:


    Save the linked QT ref file to disk and open with QuickTime for the 650 stream instead of the 220.
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    1234 by Feist
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    I do not like it

    The iPod touch doesn't even have a camera. Too little memory, too expensive. At least the camera would do.
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    iphone drop already?!

    Does anyone else think the iphone price drop was very suprising? I bought one on opening day and do not regret it one bit but it still kinda makes me a little mad it has dropped $200 dollars. Its only been two months, think how long it USUALLY takes video game consoles to drop. And to already get rid of the 4gb?! I understand this is what companies do to get more business but it just seems like its a little early and might not go over to well with previous iphone buyers. I cant stand people who say "im waiting till the price drops" on technology because you could sit around and wait a lifetime and iphones will probably be free with contracts some day but what do you guys think about the quick price drop?
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    Watching now. Will swing by the Apple Store this weekend and pick up an iPod Touch :D

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