Apple posts their PowerMac G5 Television ad in Quicktime.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Nice to see it big and in high res.

    Note to arn... maybe your green "Photo" bar should say "Media". Just a thought... and maybe I should find a better place to post it.
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    Jeff's in the V.O.! Yayyyy. And I don't think he stutters at all!
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    Disappointing work from Chiat / Day. They're capable of far better work, IMHO.
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    ease up

    Apple should ease up on "the worlds fastest personal computer" remarks. Its fast but i really doubt its the fastest.
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    I don't know...I kind of like the commercial. I suppose I'd get sick of it if I watched it too many times, though.
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    Apple ads espcially with Jeff GoldBloom ( dump this guy already!) have been sub par for a long time. It's time apple moved on and woke up. Cutting edge this stuff is not.
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    I always love how in these commercials, the wires that power up the computer and monitor are conveniently missing. Is this the new wireless G5? :cool:
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    I'm not getting a thing... all that shows up is the broken Quicktime icon.

    edit: Stupid PithHelmet thing... blocks Apple stuff too! Anyways, looks good... but certainly not the best I've seen.

  10. jMc
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    I think this tells us that there are unlikely to be new keyboards or displays for a while... adverts aren't cheap.
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    very disappointing ad work...

    uses the same tag line...doesn't differentiate the product from the past g4's.

    not to just doesn't make sense.

    and c'mon, i think the g5 is beautiful...why spend the bulk of the commercial showing a destroyed house?

    if apple has to go this route, at least use someone edgy like McG or marcos siega to direct it.....lame-o
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    Does Jeff Goldblum even act anymore? :rolleyes:

    I like the ad mildly, at least we see a glimpse of Mac OS X on the Apple's the closest we have gotten in a long time.
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    I agree. Sure, the guy is blown away, but they are capable of a much better quality commercial than this one.
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    Except for 'Think Different', Apple's commercials since jobs return have sucked and sucked big time. This one is no exception.

    ANy wonder Apple has 2% market share? Their advertising is lame, lame, lame, lame, lame!
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    Too much "image"

    Apple continues to be an amazing blend of style and substance.

    Great looking pcs. Great working pcs. Great looking ads. Great selling... oops!

    That's the problem -- image doesn't see pcs. Price and functionality sell pcs to a large market. Image-based pcs sell to niche markets.

    Did that ad convince 1 single PC user to switch? Did Apple need to advertise to the Apple faithful?

    If Apple really wants to sell computers to Wintel users, it needs to educate the market - not fly past them with some claim to be the world's fastest pc.

    The least expensive PC Dell is selling right now on its TV campaign is $500 after rebate and clocks in at 2.2 gigs. Is the average PC user going to understand why they need to pay more than $2000 for a sub 2-gig machine?

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    Yea, Apple has this problem with advertising. They seem to run ads which amuse people who already own Apple Computers, but do nothing to show things that the product would do to entice people who do not own one to make a purchase.

    At least a few of the PC & PC product manufactures run commercials featuring someone doing things with the product that are intended to get a "I'd like to be able to do that" or "cool, I want that" response out of potential customers.

    This commercial's message seems to be "You'll be blown away!", but what does that mean to someone who does not own an Apple product? You are trying to attract new customers, aren't you Apple?
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    Well, you don't want new/PC users thinking that the G5 will blow them through several walls leaving a path of costly destruction and to cause back injuries by hitting a tree just to use a computer...

    I think the ad format has changed since the new iMac ads, like they were more simple which made them effective (Like the flat panel on an iMac: Jonathan Ive)

    Previous ads did not put the viewer in an "everyday" life, ie. look at the old iMac ads.

    Simple as 1 2 3, and you aren't in an everyday life setting...
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    need to improve

    Apple needs to shock the people watching, not the actor that is being blown out of a house.

    The ad is ok, but Apple is capable of making a lot better commericials. Lets see some graphics.

    Come on Apple. You have the fastest personal computer. Let people know!

    Wouldn't it be funny if we were to see the "dude, you're getting a dell" guy getting blown out of his house. he dusts himself off and says, "dude, that's not a dell".
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    This really is feckin simple

    Simply have Chiat/Day create a 45 second spot that somehow manages to

    1. Show Digital Video Editing on a Mac.

    2. Show tracks being downloaded from iTMS

    3. Show tracks exported from iTunes to iPod

    4. And a cool shot of Expose in Panther

    Smooth segues from each though the process of doing all of these task is fluid.

    End shot with kid on a seqway with ipod and headphones bopping down the street.

    Let's get freakin excited about something here!!
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    The wrong message?

    Let's hope the G5 solved the wind-tunnel effect...otherwise this commercial is really going to send the wrong message.
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    Re: This really is feckin simple

    You just solved the problem in one post. Hey Apple, read this. (Well, mayble without the segway, that is on the edge of being too much of a geek.)
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    I think the ad was aiming for the PC users, those gaming Alienware kids are sure to think this is a "way cool" commerical....And having an ad like this is not a bad move, all we have been seeing recently are the switch ads and then the powebook, nothing really "exciting" (not that the ad excited me personally) or eye catching.
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    That ad is so cheap.

    1. The guy blowing up doesn't have any relation with the computer (I hate when people think I'm stupid).

    2. There is no relationship between the explotion and the computer.

    3. Where are the wires? Am I going to buy a computer without wires? That is what they are selling me.

    Conclution: The ad is fictional, corny and unrealisty that doesn't show in any way the new features of the product, just "a silver box that is powerfull pushing people away".

    You can bet they are gonna change the ad soon because it is very childish.
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    There is no power cable for the monitor, as it's part of the display cable. Also, I have my powermac up on a desk, and you can't see my cable to the wall.

    Anyways... I agree that we need to show people DOING THINGS with macs in ads. I went on a rant about this for about 30 minutes yesterday.

    Show someone doing a quick video spot on a PowerMac, zoom into the monitor, then out of a TV, showing the same video spot on a TV with people watching. (pro)

    Show someone filming their kid in the pool, then sending a dvd of that to grandma/pa. (home video)

    Show someone hearing a song on the radio, buying it at the ITMS, then listening to it on their iPod biking. (music)

    Give us USE, not product shots! I seriously doubt that chiat/day is coming up with this w/o any direction from Steve.
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    I give Apple credit for making TV ads showing off there product. Microsoft really doesn't really try, but I forgot they don't need to they have 95% of the market. There philsophy is if we offer it they will come, no questions ask!

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